Man Poops, Pees in His Building’s Water Tank as Revenge to Neighbors

Man Poops, Pees in His Building’s Water Tank as Revenge to NeighborsMan Poops, Pees in His Building’s Water Tank as Revenge to Neighbors
Bryan Ke
June 21, 2019
A man who pooped and peed in his residential building’s water tank supply as revenge for over a year has landed in jail and was slapped with a hefty fine.
The 69-year-old suspect, surnamed Lin, received a 20-month sentence and was fined 160,000 New Taiwan dollars ($5,160) for a crime that started from June 2017 to July 2018.
It all began when Lin’s neighbors discovered that he had taken a deal with telephone companies to allow them to store their equipment inside his apartment for 12,000 New Taiwan dollars ($38) a month, according to Taiwanese media via Shanghaiist.
Lin never informed his neighbors of the agreement, prompting them to lodge a report to have the equipment removed.
Enraged by the loss of income, Lin exacted his vengeance by defecating, urinating and taking baths in the water tank supply used by the entire residential building.
He was caught after his neighbors started complaining about their tap water smelling strange, and some of them began to develop allergic reactions.
Upon checking CCTV footage from the roof, the building management discovered that Lin had been climbing the ladder of the water tank once a month, AsiaOne reported.
You’re lucky you didn’t die from drinking the water,” the man said when he was confronted by his angry neighbors.
Samples taken from the water supply were taken to the laboratory and the result showed heightened levels of ammonia.
It turns out that tampering with the building’s water supply was not Lin’s only crime. During his hearing, it was revealed that Lin also damaged the building’s elevator and water pipes in 2018.
He also argued in court that drinking water tainted with urine would not endanger someone’s health.
But the judge disagreed and said that such excrement could contaminate the water and affect the public’s health.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / 三立iNEWS
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