Japan’s hot new drink is… water. Literally.

Japan’s hot new drink is… water. Literally.Japan’s hot new drink is… water. Literally.
Editorial Staff
November 8, 2022
Among the various packaged drinks available for purchase in Japan this season, a special product has caught the eye of consumers: hot bottled water.
Asahi, one of the largest beer brewers in Japan, is now selling warmed-up mineral water. The product, called Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu, became available in stores at the start of this month. 
For years, Asahi has been selling room-temperature and cold mineral water under its Oishi Mizu Tennensui line. The company’s recently released product uses the same kind of water, but due to Japanese beverage regulations, Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu – with “sayu” being the Japanese word for plain hot water – must be sold hot.
Although the drink does not offer unique flavors like many of its competitors do, Asahi decided to sell the hot product to help consumers warm their bodies without caffeine-filled products, such as tea or coffee.  
“We have decided to launch this product due to the growing demand for plain hot water and the fact that many customers have said that they can’t buy it when they want to drink it,” Asahi said.
The drink is reportedly warmed to around 50°C to 60°C (approximately 122°F to 140°F), which Asahi explained is “the optimum temperature for hot water.”
Anyone interested in buying a bottle can expect to spend 105 yen (approximately $0.72).
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