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‘I get to be a big brother’: Veteran, 70, adopted as a child from Japan discovers his 7 siblings in Ohio

  • Seventy-year-old Michael Bennett, who was adopted as a child, met seven of his siblings for the first time after undergoing a DNA test in 2019.
  • Bennett was born in Japan in 1951 to a Japanese woman and an American soldier who served in the country after World War II.
  • Bennett’s adoptive parents raised him with knowledge of his biological parents, and he understood why he had to be given up.
  • The Green Beret said the discovery “opened up a whole new world for me” and that he now “gets to be a big brother.”

A Japanese American veteran had the reunion of his life when he met seven of his siblings for the first time after undergoing a DNA test to find out more about himself.

Michael Bennett, 70, was born in Japan in 1951 to a Japanese mother, Yoshiko Nakajima, and an American father, Dick Webster, who served in the country after World War II.

Korean War vet, 91, has been on a 70-year search for Japanese woman he says was his first love

korean war vet
  • Korean War Navy veteran Duane Mann, 91, is hoping to find his long-lost love who he left in Japan in 1954.
  • Mann first met Peggy Yamaguchi in 1953 when he frequented an Air Force NCO Club where Yamaguchi worked as the hat check attendant.
  • The two began a relationship and were planning to get married; however, Mann was ordered back to the U.S. after being discharged two months early.
  • Mann had planned to use his savings to bring Yamaguchi to the U.S. but discovered that his father had spent it all.
  • The two exchanged letters each week until Mann suddenly stopped receiving any and later found out that his mother had been burning the letters because she did not want him to marry a Japanese woman.
  • Mann, who took to Facebook to share his story, expressed that losing Yamaguchi was his “one regret” and now hopes to find her again.

A 91-year-old Korean War Navy veteran is hoping to find his first love, who he met during his time as a second class petty officer in Japan in 1953. 

Duane Mann, 91, wrote a Facebook post on May 1 hoping to find someone who recognizes the woman in a photo he took in 1953, whose name he says is Peggy Yamaguchi. In the post, Mann explains that while he was stationed in Japan from 1953 to 1954 at age 23, he met Yamaguchi at an Air Force NCO Club, where he worked as a slot machine repairman in his spare time and Yamaguchi worked as the “hat check girl.” 

U.S. Navy commissions $1.5 billion missile destroyer named after Hawaii senator, WWII veteran Daniel Inouye

USS Daniel Inouye

The U.S. Navy has commissioned an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer named after U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, a long-serving senator of Hawaii and a World War II veteran.

What happened: The USS Daniel Inouye (DDG 118), built by General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works, was commissioned at a ceremony held at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

98-Year-Old Asian American WWII Veteran Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal

wwii veteran

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to report that the Congressional Gold Medal has yet to be given to Joe Chew at an official ceremony, but Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost acknowledged the award at a meeting.

Joe Chew, a 98-year-old veteran from Sacramento, California, was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his service in World War II.

California Celebrated Its First Chinese American Day in Sacramento

California just celebrated its first Chinese American Day, marking the first official recognition of Chinese Americans by any state legislature.

Nearly 1,000 attendees gathered on Capitol Building’s West Steps in Sacramento on October 23 to participate in the event. Festivities began with traditional music and Chinese lion and dragon dances, according to Davis Enterprise.

Vietnam War Veteran Fights Off Armed Gunmen Trying to Take His Car on Memorial Day

Vietnam War veteran Saylee Vang was approached by an armed gunman Monday morning in Milwaukee attempting to take his car.

The 66-year-old veteran was checking on his garden around 9 a.m. when two young men had demanded his car keys. Vang said no and the suspects ran-off. He used his instincts from the war and attempted to chase the men in his car, in which he said that the suspects fired four shots at his vehicle, Vang told FOX6 News. He is not hurt.

San Antonio Spurs Pay Tribute to 103-Years-Old Filipino-American WWII Veteran

National Basketball Association (NBA) team San Antonio Spurs just honored a Filipino-American soldier who served under the United States during World War II as part of the team’s Military Appreciation Night.

The veteran, 103-year-old Liban Brillantes, was honored during the Spurs game at the AT&T Center in San Antonio last Thursday, Coconuts Manila reported. At the ceremony, he was handed his own Spurs jersey with the number 103.

Korean American Veteran Trapped in Korea For Not Doing Mandatory Military Service 20 Years Ago

A former restaurant manager who had just purchased his own diner in Perrysburg, Ohio is now trapped in South Korea after he was prevented from returning home to the United States.

Don Yi flew to South Korea on Sunday to handle the affairs of his recently deceased father, WTOL reports.

Much to his shock, however, he was prevented from boarding his flight home from Seoul on Wednesday.

Vietnamese Navy Veteran Offers to Help Neighbor With Yard Work, Gets Told ‘Get Out of My Country’

A Vietnamese refugee who served in the Navy as an electronics technicians chief for 24 years was told to “get out of my country” and “has no right to be here” after offering a neighbor assistance with her sprinkler system.

Mimi Huynh, a U.S Navy Veteran who served on the USS Kitty Hawk, took to Twitter after a racist incident unfolded between her husband, Wally Huynh, and her neighbor after he offered her yard help.