Navy Veteran Suffers Multiple Organ Failures After Military Facility’s Alleged Neglect

Navy Veteran Suffers Multiple Organ Failures After Military Facility’s Alleged Neglect

December 7, 2017
A female Navy veteran suffered multiple organ failures after Tripler Army Medical Center allegedly failed to assist her in time.
Charissa Cabrera, a 35-year-old vet who now serves as a deputy city prosecutor, says she was sent home last week without significant care despite suffering from intense pain and a high fever, KLTV7 reports. 
As she felt her condition not getting any better, she went to The Queen’s Medical Center West Oahu to get checked up. There, she was immediately admitted to the ICU after doctors diagnosed her with sepsis and multiple organ failures.

Cabrera noted that her condition was already terrible when she first went to Tripler on Thursday.
“I was sweating profusely and was at a 10 out of 10 pain,” Cabrera said. “I tried to tell them I had a kidney infection and a fever and they stopped me and said ‘I don’t want to hear about that, I want to hear about things now.’ They just looked annoyed like they didn’t want me to be there.”
She then felt that she did not get the proper care she deserved.  
“They gave me these antibiotics and sent me home and I was like ‘What about my ears?’ And she was like ‘Oh I don’t know,'” Cabrera added.
She returned the next day as her symptoms got worse.
After allegedly waiting for three hours, Cabrera was shortly seen in the emergency room. Despite enduring a 103-degree fever, she was sent home once again.
“They gave me Sudafed and that was it and they sent me home,” Cabrera was quoted as saying.
Cabrera could no longer bear the pain the next day, so she went straight to the emergency room at Queens Medical Center West Oahu.
“I honestly felt like I was going to die,” she recalled. “I got seen right away. They took lots of blood samples and X-rays and CT scans and everything. They were addressing my complaints.
Cabrera is currently said to be recovering at the hospital where she says she is feeling much better. While it was not reported when she will be sent home, Cabrera said she is excited to be with her son again soon.
“I’m going to sign up for HMSA and I’m not going to use a military facility again,” she said.
Feature Image via Youtube / Ikeng Cabrera
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