Vietnamese Navy Veteran Offers to Help Neighbor With Yard Work, Gets Told ‘Get Out of My Country’

Vietnamese Navy Veteran Offers to Help Neighbor With Yard Work, Gets Told ‘Get Out of My Country’
Leanna Chan
July 10, 2018
A Vietnamese refugee who served in the Navy as an electronics technicians chief for 24 years was told to “get out of my country” and “has no right to be here” after offering a neighbor assistance with her sprinkler system.
Mimi Huynh, a U.S Navy Veteran who served on the USS Kitty Hawk, took to Twitter after a racist incident unfolded between her husband, Wally Huynh, and her neighbor after he offered her yard help.
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“My husband just tried to help a neighbor with hedge trimming. She yelled at him to get out of her country, he has no right to be here.”
Mimi who is White, heard her neighbor yell the racist remarks at her husband and went outside to “shut her down.”
She originally stated that her husband offered to help her neighbor with her hedges, but later corrected that he actually offered to help her with her sprinklers.
Instead of thanking Huynh for his kindness, the ungrateful neighbor yelled racist remarks at him.
Mimi Huynh’s tweet has now garnered over 59,000 retweets and 15,000 comments. Many users voiced their thanks for the couple’s Navy service and condemned the neighbor’s actions.
“Your husband is a true American Patriot & citizen. Thanks to him on behalf of a grateful nation & world,” one user tweeted.
Others asked Huynh to reveal her neighbor’s identity and to “let the Twitter find her…” 
However, Huynh explained that she didn’t want to disclose the neighbor’s name and wanted “to focus on the positivity and everyone’s love & support.” 
After the whole ordeal, Huynh continued to respond to the incident with love and generously made Vietnamese egg rolls for her neighbor.
Images via Twitter / @MimiHuynh1
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