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BTS ARMY hail group’s performance of ‘Permission to Dance’ at UNGA as one of their proudest moments

ARMY proud of BTS

K-pop mega group BTS received an outpouring of support from their fans, known as ARMY, following the release of their “Permission to Dance” video shot at the 76th United Nations General Assembly meeting on Monday.

Their proudest moment: The music video, released on the United Nations’ YouTube channel, saw the septet — consisting of members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — sing and dance in the U.N.’s assembly hall and gardens, KIRO7 reported.

K-pop group BLACKPINK are the first Asian artists ever to be named SDG advocates by UN


South Korean girl group BLACKPINK was recently appointed by the United Nations (UN) as an advocate for its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to “encourage young people to take #ClimateAction to protect the planet.”

SDG advocates in your area: The UN welcomed the popular K-pop group — composed of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa — with a tweet on Saturday announcing the group members’ official appointment as SDG advocates by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. 

Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Are at an ‘Alarming Level’, UN Says


Experts from the United Nations (UN) formally expressed concerns about the growing number of attacks against Asian Americans amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the alleged lack of measures from authorities to combat them.

The experts, appointed by the Human Rights Council (HRC), serve as rapporteurs on (1) contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance; (2) human rights of migrants; and (3) discrimination against women and girls.

BTS Makes History as First K-Pop Group to Address the UN With ‘Love Myself’ Campaign

Members of K-pop boy band BTS were at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Monday to talk about their “Love Myself” campaign in support of UNICEF’s youth initiative, “Generation Unlimited.”

The UNICEF partnership will offer the best education, training, and employment to millions of youth around the globe by 2030, Billboard reported.

East Asia is Aging Faster Than the Rest of the World

East Asia is growing old much faster than any other region in the planet — a trend indicative of improved living conditions but also big challenges ahead.

According to the latest data from the United Nations, the median age in East Asia — which consists of China, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Macao, Mongolia and Taiwan — is now 38, while the world trails behind at 30.

China, U.S. Vote Against UN Policy to Stop the Death Penalty For Being Gay

China, along with 12 countries including the United States, were among those who voted against a United Nations resolution condemning countries who sentence members of the LGBTQ community to death for having sex on September 29.

The resolution was drafted by the Human Rights Council and targeted countries where the death penalty is legal. It asked those countries to ensure that the penalty is not given in an “arbitrarily or in a discriminatory manner” for those under 18, women who are pregnant, or those convicted of adultery, blasphemy, or having gay sex.

China is Becoming a ‘Respected’ Leader in Keeping World Peace with UN Contributions

China is set to become a global peacekeeper, not just by deploying 2,609 policemen to the UN, but also doubling their efforts around the world in countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Cyprus, Liberia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Haiti.

A short documentary by CGTN showed how China’s standby peacekeeping force stationed in Dongying are so dedicated to their work. The peacekeeping police maintain a disciplined lifestyle in their daily activities, from their strict diet of vegetables and meat to their recreational activities, which also involve physical training.

North Korea Just Added 3.5 Million ‘Volunteers’ to Its Army

North Korea has drafted nearly 3.5 million volunteers into its military arsenal, boosting its position against the United Nations and the United States amid ongoing tensions.

The news comes from Rodong Sinmun, DPRK’s official newspaper, which claimed that the volunteers either joined or rejoined the army soon after the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) condemned new sanctions imposed by the U.N. over the state’s recent missile tests, Reuters reported.

North Korean Women Sold As Brides in China Want the Government To Get Their Kids Back

North Koreans in China have long been desperate for international help and protection but have been mostly ignored. In October, four female defectors will attempt to voice out their plea, hoping that someone will listen to them this time.

While North Korean defectors flee their country to escape poverty and avoid the oppressive regime, some of the escapees still find themselves in the same, or at times even worse conditions than before.