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Philippine President Wants to Change ‘The Philippines’ Name Given By Spanish Colonizers

Talks of renaming the Philippines have been making the rounds on local social media again after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte talked about changing the country’s name during a recent speech.

“(The country was named the) Philippines because it was discovered by (Ferdinand) Magellan using the money of King Philip (of Spain). So when that nutjob arrived, he called (the country) ‘the Philippines.’ But that’s ok. One day, let’s change it,” Duterte was quoted as saying at an event in Maguindanao province on Monday.

Wife of Philippines’ Most Bru‌t‌a‌l Dictator Found G‌uilt‌y For Funneling $200 Million to Swiss Bank

‌Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos has been found gu‌ilt‌y of seven counts of graft by local anti-cor‌rup‌tion court Sandiganbayan in a court proceeding that lasted 27 years.

Sandiganbayan Co‌urt Fifth Division, which presides over cases involving graft and corruption, filed an ar‌re‌st w‌arra‌nt a‌gainst the 89-year-old widow of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos on Friday.

Fearless 8-Year-Old Filipina Girl Tries to Stop 4 Armed Robbers Attacking Her Grandpa

A fearless 8-year-old girl is being hailed a heroine after she was caught on film trying to stop armed robbers from getting away from a crime scene in the Philippines.

Captured by surveillance cameras in a residential compound in General Trias in the province of Cavite, videos show how four men robbed a man at gunpoint and stole some valuables from a nearby house.

Filipino Teen Creates Powerbank Strong Enough to Charge Gaming Laptops

Angelo Casimiro, a Filipino teenager and Electronics and Communications Engineering student, has created a power bank that can literally power up home appliances – even gaming laptops!

Casimiro, a 19-year-old student who runs the YouTube channel TechBuilder, created a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video last December where he showed how to create a power bank with enough juice to charge up a gaming laptop or even power up any house appliances when not around an electrical outlet.