Fearless 8-Year-Old Filipina Girl Tries to Stop 4 Armed Robbers Attacking Her Grandpa

Fearless 8-Year-Old Filipina Girl Tries to Stop 4 Armed Robbers Attacking Her Grandpa
Ryan General
October 1, 2018
A fearless 8-year-old girl is being hailed a heroine after she was caught on film trying to stop armed robbers from getting away from a crime scene in the Philippines.
Captured by surveillance cameras in a residential compound in General Trias in the province of Cavite, videos show how four men robbed a man at gunpoint and stole some valuables from a nearby house.
As the thieves were making their escape, the victim’s grandchild attempted to stop them and even managed to snatch a stolen bag filled with cash.
However, the child fell and dropped the bag which one of the robbers then picked up and ran away with.
The little girl then stood up and continued to pursue the muggers who were fleeing in their motorcycles.
Unfortunately, the girl was run over by one of the motorcycles when she attempted to grab her grandfather’s belongings from the thief.
According to GMA News, the muggers were able to escape, leaving the child with a head injury.
The grandmother of the courageous child noted that she was yelling to stop her from pursuing the criminals in fear of her getting hurt.
“She was adamant in chasing the thieves and really fought them bravely… but ended up getting her head injured,” the grandmother said.
In an interview with the local news, the child, who is being treated in a hospital, said that she just wanted to help her grandpa.
“I know he worked hard for their money but some people would just take them away,”  she explained.
While the incident is still under investigation, local authorities in Gen. Trias believe that the muggers stalked their targets before pulling off the heist.
Facebook user Bhing Minia, who posted videos of the incident and images of the criminals on Saturday, wrote “You are so brave child. Get well soon. What you did was remarkable.”
The videos have since gone viral, generating over a million views and hundreds of encouraging support from netizens who praised the child for her valiant effort.
Featured Image via Facebook / Bhing Minia
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