You Can Now Buy a Gallon of Milk Tea for Less Than $10

You Can Now Buy a Gallon of Milk Tea for Less Than $10
Ryan General
March 18, 2019
One milk tea offering from a company in the Philippines intends to satisfy cravings for a group of friends or just one very thirsty bubble tea lover.
Gallontea, as the name suggests, offers its Classic Milk Tea per gallon for just 500 Philippine pesos ($9.50) and its Wintermelon Milk Tea variant for 600 PHP ($11.50) per gallon.
In addition to its one-gallon milk tea offerings, the new milk tea place also sells generous servings of Tapioca Pearls for 100 PHP ($1.90) per container and Nata Crystals (coconut jelly) for 100 PHP per container.
Each gallon is ideal for picnics or potlucks since it contains 10 to 15 servings of milk tea goodness.
According to Gallontea owner Chase Chianpian, the idea to sell milk tea by the gallon began as early as 2009 when their former store received bulk milk tea orders from their family and friends.
Gallontea is currently only available for pick-up in its location near Binondo, a district in Manila commonly referred to as the city’s Chinatown.
To order, customers need to leave Gallontea a message via their social media channels and then pick the items up from the Binondo address.
The company says they are working on offering more items and expanding to serve more milk tea lovers outside Metro Manila.
Featured Image via Instagram / Gallontea
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