Jeepney Passenger Filmed Trying to ‘Sleep’ on a Woman’s Shoulder Goes Viral

Jeepney Passenger Filmed Trying to ‘Sleep’ on a Woman’s Shoulder Goes ViralJeepney Passenger Filmed Trying to ‘Sleep’ on a Woman’s Shoulder Goes Viral
Editorial Staff
September 21, 2018
A man believed to be pretending to fall asleep so he can lean on a woman’s shoulder during a jeepney ride in the Philippines has netizens on full creep alert.
The passenger’s alleged act was caught in two videos that have since gone viral on Facebook.
The incident occurred inside the vehicle traveling in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija province on Sept. 18.
User Edward Peñaflor took the videos while on his way to Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.
In the first video, the man can be seen swaying his head and leaning on a woman.
When the woman left for another space, the man immediately rose to full consciousness.
In the second video, the man can be seen literally lying very closely to another woman.
At this point, another passenger reported him to the driver.
“You’re transporting a crazy person! Make him drop off. He’s scaring passengers.”
The driver ousted the man without apparent issue.
Both videos have received at least three million views since their posting.
“Be the judge. Be careful when riding public jeepneys, especially women,” Peñaflor warned.
Furious netizens quickly slammed the man, with some writing violent comments calling for justice.
“His head should’ve been smacked with a pipe so he’ll be crazier.”
“If that was me I’d push him off the jeep.”
“If I were taking the video he’d get a kick from me.”
“His face alone tells he’s a maniac.”
“He looks like an idiot pretending to be sleepy. He should be put to sleep while alive to reduce the world of maniacs.”
“It’s hard to pretend to be sleepy, your moves are busted.”
“[Sic] I want to punch him.”
“Wow. You can see he groped the girl from behind when she stood up.”
“If that was me he’d get an elbow on the face when I stand up, and if he reacts, I’ll say what he did.”
“He has no mental problem, he’s clearly a maniac. There are plenty of these people anywhere in the Philippines. If he wasn’t caught on video, our people will not be aware of perverts riding jeepneys. I hope we become concerned with women who are abused.”
However, user Daniel Cabuhat, who identified a registered nurse, claimed that the man was a former patient with mental issues.
“We had him as a patient at the hospital. He has mental problems. I hope those who commented did not have to speak ill of him. He’s pathetic. Instead of talking to him, he had to be filmed to be posted on social media.”
It’s unclear what happened to the man after the ride or whether the woman lodged a complaint after the incident.
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