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Teen arrested for fatally shooting 19-year-old during robbery outside a Brooklyn BJ’s store

  • Dereck Chen, 19, was fatally shot by 18-year-old Edino Tzul during a robbery outside of a BJ’s Wholesale Club in Brooklyn, New York, on Aug. 4.
  • Tzul reportedly tried to steal Chen’s backpack, but when Chen tried to fight back, Tzul opened fire, shooting Chen in the face and right shoulder.
  • Chen was rushed to the NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn, where he was pronounced dead.
  • Tzul was arrested shortly after the incident. He was charged with murder, six counts of robbery, four counts of criminal use of a firearm and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Police have arrested the 18-year-old suspect who shot and killed another teen during a robbery outside of a BJ’s Wholesale Club in Brooklyn, New York.

Dereck Chen, 19, entered an elevator leading to the parking garage of BJ’s Wholesale Club on Shore Parkway in Bath Beach at around 10:15 p.m. on Aug. 4. The suspect, Edino Tzul, reportedly tried to steal Chen’s backpack in the elevator. When the victim tried to fight back, Tzul opened fire, shooting Chen in the face and right shoulder.

Sentencing of South Korean teen who ‘accidentally’ stabbed grandmother 60 times for nagging sparks anger

South Korean Teen murder
  • A 19-year-old South Korean teenager stabbed his grandmother 60 times, reportedly out of anger due to her nagging. His 17-year-old brother assisted him by shutting their home’s windows.
  • The South Korean court ruled the murder as “accidental” and gave lenient sentences, sparking online criticisms against the country’s judicial system.

The South Korean court has ruled the murder of a grandmother as “accidental” after her teen grandson brutally stabbed her 60 times.

A 19-year-old South Korean man was found guilty of fatally stabbing his grandmother 60 times. His 17-year-old younger brother assisted in the murder by closing the windows of their home to cover up their 77-year-old grandmother’s screams, according to The Korea Herald.

Chinese teen sold at birth plans to sue his parents who rejected him second time upon reunion

  • Liu Xuezhou, the Chinese teenager whose biological parents sold him at birth for adoption, has decided to sue them.
  • The 17-year-old college student was left heartbroken after finally finding his biological parents and then being rejected by them recently.
  • “I planned to let it go because I am your child anyway. But you are turning ‘white into black’ and don’t feel you’re wrong at all by selling me. See you in court then,” Liu said.

A Chinese teenager sold at birth for adoption is now planning to take his biological parents to court.

Liu Xuezhou, 17, said on Thursday that he will sue his biological mother and father after they both rejected him and refused to help him financially, South China Morning Post reported.

Chinese Teen Turns Mom’s $119 into $2,455 in 8 Days During School Break

A 14-year-old boy from Beijing is going viral after he turned the 800 yuan ($119) he borrowed from his mother into over 16,443 yuan ($2,400) in a matter of 8 days by opening an ingenious mini arcade business.

Using the money he borrowed, the teen, identified only as Yang, bought 400 glass bottles and 300 ping pong balls and started a mini game arcade stall, according to China Press as translated by World of Buzz.

Teen Sues Osaka Government for $19,000 After Forcing Her to Dye Her Natural Brown Hair to Black

An 18-year-old Japanese woman is now suing the Osaka prefecture government for forcing her to dye her naturally brown hair to black, which resulted to irritation on her scalp.

Multiple applications of the chemicals for the dye had caused a severe reaction on her scalp, giving her rashes as well as damaged hair, according to Japan Times. The student, who is left unnamed because she is still considered as a minor in the country, is looking to sue the Osaka government for 2.2 million yen ($19,300) for the damages.

Thai Teen Allegedly Raped By 40 Men for Months While Parents Worked at Night

Police are now investigating the claims of a 14-year-old girl who said she was allegedly raped by up to 40 men in 2016 in a Thailand village that has a population of 100.

According to the unnamed victim, who is from the village located on the island of Koh Raed, Phang Nga Province, Thailand, the sex assault happened between the months of May and December 2016, The Independent reported.