Thai Teen Allegedly Raped By 40 Men for Months While Parents Worked at Night

Thai Teen Allegedly Raped By 40 Men for Months While Parents Worked at Night
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 11, 2017
Police are now investigating the claims of a 14-year-old girl who said she was allegedly raped by up to 40 men in 2016 in a Thailand village that has a population of 100.
According to the unnamed victim, who is from the village located on the island of Koh Raed, Phang Nga Province, Thailand, the sex assault happened between the months of May and December 2016, The Independent reported.
The teenage girl, who is now 15, reported the incident in March, saying that she was sexually assaulted by up to 40 men. However, province’s deputy governor, Eggarat Leesen, told CNN on Thursday that not all of the sexual attackers were from the same village.
The first incident reportedly occurred one night when the victim’s parents — who collect latex rubber from trees, also known as rubber tapping, were out working, leaving the girl to spend most of her night alone in their home.
Because I and my husband work as rubber tappers, we must leave our children alone between midnight and dawn,” the unnamed 39-year-old mother said, as reported by local newspaper, The Nation.
The mother recounted that a man invaded their home one night and raped their daughter. Days later, the same man returned along with another one. It escalated to the point where the girl was forced to occasionally go inside a hut, and she was drugged by the men as they ganged up on her.
Local residents are having stress from various degrees, depending on how the case affects them. Many of the residents said they don’t believe this could happen. Since the village is small, if something happened they should have known,” Leesen said.
The family of the girl received several threats and harassment from the families in the village, according to Police Maj. Gen. Boonthawee Torraksa. This led authorities to the decision of moving the victim, as well as her family, to an undisclosed location on August 4 over concerns for their own safety.
Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons / Nathan O’Nions (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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