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NorCal Man Accused of R‌a‌pi‌n‌g 10 Asian Women Over 20 Years Found Working at UC Berkeley

A 58-year-old man accused of targeting and r‌‌‌a‌pi‌‌‌n‌g Asian women and eluding authorities for more than two decades has been ca‌ptu‌re‌d by the Sacramento ‌Pol‌‌i‌ce Department.

Also known as the “NorCal Rapist,” Roy Charles Waller of Benicia, California was ar‌res‌te‌d while he was on his way to work at the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday, according to NBC Bay Area.

Sacramento Veteran Apologizes for Harassing Elderly Laotian Man Wearing Camouflage Shirt

A marine veteran has apologized after he verbally and nearly physically assaulted an elderly Laotian man on Monday morning in Sacramento, California.

The incident occurred between 16th Street and Broadway where the Laotian elderly man was making his way to the farmer’s market with his family, according to a Facebook post shared by the couple’s daughter, Van Khon.

Taiwanese-American Dentist Wins World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Show 2017

Meet Yen Chun, the 26-year-old dentist and bodybuilder based in Silicon Valley who was crowned champion during the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion show in Sacramento, California in June.

Yen, a dentist by day and bodybuilder by night, won the competition with his amazing physique and good sense of fashion, which was showcased during the formal and casual wear phase of WBFF Sacramento 2017, according to CNA via Taiwan News.

Crimes Against Asian Americans Rise At An Alarming Rate, Sacramento Police Warn

Sacramento Crimes Asian

The Sacramento police have reported an alarming increase of crimes targeting Asian Americans, according to the Sacramento Bee. Officials revealed that the crimes ranged from home invasions to robberies and carjackings.

Police spokesperson Eddie Macaulay stated that some districts have reported a 25% increase in crime targeting Asian Americans while others report an 8% increase; one district claimed a 40% decrease in crime targeting this demographic, but this number is somewhat marred after authorities revealed a 25% rise in violent crime in this district from 2015 to 2016.

Children Murdered By Father in Sacramento to Have Public Memorial Service on Saturday

Three children, who were allegedly brutally killed by their own father at their home in West Sacramento on September 13, will finally be laid to rest at a closed casket public memorial service and funeral this weekend.

The service for 11-year-old Kelvin Kheng Hodges, 9-year-old Julia Kao Chong Hodges, and 7-month-old Lucas Kong Hodges, will be led by Pastor Micah Moreno of Southport Church on October 7 at 4 p.m. at the River Cities Funeral Chapel at 910 Soule St., West Sacramento, 95691, the Sacramento Bee reports.