District Attorney Reveals Details on Sacramento Man Who Murdered His Three Children

District Attorney Reveals Details on Sacramento Man Who Murdered His Three Children
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
September 19, 2017
An eyewitness claimed that suspected murderer Robert Hodges didn’t appear flustered on the night he murdered his three children in California.
The 32-year-old suspect from Sacramento was arrested on September 14 after police received a domestic violence call involving the assailant and his wife, Mai Sheng Hodges.
According to CBS, a neighbor who witnessed Hodges leaving the crime scene claimed that the suspect didn’t look angry after the incident but appeared emotionless instead.
“He seemed content. Absent. He was not in a rage,” the eyewitness added.
Hodges has since been charged with three counts of first-degree murder for each of the children and one count of attempted murder. It was revealed that at least two of the children were strangled with a belt. Yolo County District Attorney  Jeff Reisig withheld further details on how the children died to ensure a fair trial, but did say no weapon was used in the infants death, according to The Sacramento Bee.
Reisig also revealed that he has not decided yet if he would pursue the death penalty, but three “special circumstance” charge enhancements for lying in wait to commit the murders may make the death penalty eligible.
The Yolo County police explained that they needed to do more tests before they can determine what exactly caused the death of Hodges’ three children. Police Sgt. Roger Kinney previously mentioned that the investigation won’t just take days but “a long time” before they could uncover the truth behind the grisly murder.
“I don’t know what they gleaned from that interview. I don’t know what the motive was,” Kinney added. Even the victim’s sister, Lyang Xvang, was left befuddled trying to determine the motive of her sister’s husband.
“Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare, and the time since the passing of our beautiful nephews and niece has been a horrific nightmare for my sister and our entire family. Our hearts are forever shattered,” Xai T Vang, who identified herself on Facebook as the children’s aunt, wrote on Sept. 14.
Hodges will stand trial on Monday on the suspected murders of 11-year-old Kelvin Hodges, 9-year-old Julie Hodges and Lucas Hodges, who’s barely a year old.
While Hodges’ wife didn’t sustain enough injury to be sent to the hospital, authorities revealed that the assault dealt to her was sufficient to warrant a charge of attempted murder. The mother’s friends and family started a fundraiser on the victim’s behalf, and is still $8,763 short of its $40,000 goal.
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