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This young Filipino speaker from the 1950s has a timeless message on prejudice

Raul Contreras

As Asian Americans continue to grapple with increasing hate during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Filipino teen’s message from the mid-1950s makes a crucial reminder of the problem of prejudice.

“How in the world could you have liberty and justice for all?” asked 15-year-old Raul Contreras, challenging the truth in America’s pledge of allegiance.

Meet the war hero who invented banana ketchup

Banana ketchup

When indulging in hot dogs, french fries or Spam, you might reach for an ever-so-trustworthy bottle of tomato ketchup. But if you want to add a sweet, tangy kick to your food, try one of the Philippines’ most popular condiments: banana ketchup.

Despite what its name suggests, banana ketchup isn’t solely a mixture of banana pulp and crushed tomatoes. Its smooth texture, similar to that of tomato ketchup, can be deceiving. Yet the history of this beloved condiment — which typically consists of mashed banana, vinegar, sugar and spices — shines a light on the Philippines during a time of struggle.

Social media users criticize Philippine government for ‘standardizing’ adobo recipe


Filipino social media users rallied online to criticize the Philippine government’s effort to “standardize” adobo, lechon, sinigang and other famous Filipino dish recipes.

What happened: On July 9, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced BPS/TC 92, a new committee that will develop the Philippine National Standards (PNS) when it comes to preparing Filipino dishes, according to Asian Journal.

Lumpia-armed hero teams up with high school student in crowdfunded movie ‘Lumpia with a Vengeance’


Ever wonder what it would look like if a man turns a popular Filipino dish into a weapon to fight crimes? “Lumpia with a Vengeance” probably has the answer.

What is the movie about:Lumpia with a Vengeance,” a crowdfunded action-comedy film, follows the story of a lumpia-armed crime fighter as he teams up with a teenage girl after she finds herself tangled up with a crime syndicate selling drugs.

Filipino Web Developer Dad Named ‘Macaroni ’85’ Names Newborn Baby ‘HyperText Markup Language’

Filipino web developer

A Filipino web developer’s unconventional name choice for his newborn son has become a hot topic for social media users in the Philippines. 

A site to behold: Macaroni ’85 Pascual named his son HyperText Markup Language (HTML), based on the language used to describe the structure of Web pages, as a tribute to his profession, reported

Cat Makes History After Repatriation to the Philippines Amid Myanmar Political Turmoil

A cat owned by a Filipino migrant worker in Myanmar became the first pet to be repatriated to the Philippines when it joined the fifth government-funded repatriation flight amid the COVID-19 pandemic on May 29.

Plea for help: Karen Vinalay, an art director returning home due to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, initially failed to get permission from the Philippine Embassy in Yangon, to bring along her short-haired cat, Jon Snow White, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Heroic Dog Who Lost Her Snout Saving Two Girls Years Ago Passes Away in the Philippines

A canine from the Philippines, who lost her snout saving two girls from being run over by a motorcycle in 2011, passed away around 7 p.m. on Monday. 

A heroine’s sacrifice: Kabang, a local mixed-breed dog, earned global recognition after sacrificing her own safety to save the daughter of her owner Rudy Bunggal and the girl’s cousin in December 2011, Inquirer reported.

Mother and Son ‘Executed’ By Police in Viral Video Sparks Outrage in the Philippines

An off-duty police officer’s brutal killing of a mother and son in broad daylight has sparked massive outrage in the Philippines. 

Caught on video: At the beginning of a clip that went viral on social media, 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio is seen with her arms tightly wrapped around her 25-year-old son Frank Anthony Gregorio, as they were being confronted by Sergeant Jonel Nuezca in their own home at Barangay Cabayaoasan, Paniqui, Tarlac.

Mom Accuses Philippines Resort of Discrimination Against Her Special Needs Child

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

A resort in Cebu, Philippines has issued an apology following a backlash where one of its customers accused the establishment of discriminating against her special needs child.

What happened: A Filipino mother, Mai Pages, left a one-star review on Plantation Bay Resort and Spa’s TripAdvisor page over the weekend, detailing how their staff handled the situation with her special needs child.