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Nepali Sherpa Kami Rita breaks his own world record again by scaling Mount Everest for 26th time

  • Nepalese Sherpa guide Kami Rita, 52, successfully reached the 29,032-foot summit of Mount Everest at 7 p.m. on Saturday, marking the 26th time he scaled the world’s tallest mountain.
  • Sherpas are an ethnic group who live at high altitudes. The term is also used to refer to the trek guides themselves.
  • During the trip, Rita led 10 other Sherpa guides who attached ropes along the route to help other climbers and guides who are set to climb the mountain later this month. 
  • Rita, who first reached the Mount Everest summit in 1994, has also scaled other peaks among the world’s highest, such as K-2, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu and Lhotse.

Nepalese mountaineer Kami Rita, 52, broke his own record for the most climbs to the top of Mount Everest after successfully reaching the summit of the world’s tallest mountain for the 26th time. 

On Saturday, the veteran Sherpa guide safely scaled the 29,032-foot summit while leading a group of Sherpa climbers. 

Japanese Climber Dies During 8th Attempt to Reach Top of Mount Everest

A Japanese climber who lost 9 fingertips during a previous climb at Mount Everest was recently found dead in his tent while attempting to reach the summit of the Earth’s tallest mountain above sea level.

The climber, identified as 35-year-old Nobukazu Kuriki, was found dead while sleeping by Sherpas at a camp located at around 7,400 meters (24,278 feet) of the 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) tall mountain, according to Nepal tourism department official Gyanendra Shrestha, Reuters reported.

‘Menstruation Hut’ Ritual Tragically Kills Teen in Nepal

Chhaupadi Kills Teenager

A 19-year-old Nepali woman has died after being bitten by a venomous snake in a shanty designated for menstruating women and girls, according to CNN.

Tulasi Shahi, from western Nepal’s Dailekh district, was exiled to the so-called “menstruation hut” while on her period due to the ancient custom of chhaupadi, which forces anyone menstruating to live separately from the rest of the village. Shahi’s chhaupadi took the form of her uncle’s shed where his cattle lived; it was during this time that she was bitten by a snake “twice, on her head and leg,” the local district mayor Surya Bahadur Shahi told CNN.

85-Year-Old Nepalese Man Dies Trying to Become Oldest Everest Climber Again

A Nepalese man’s bid to regain his title as the oldest person to climb Mount Everest came to a fatal end while attempting the feat.

Min Bahadur Sherchan, 85, passed away on Saturday at the Everest base camp, according to the Associated Press. In the report, Nepal’s Tourism Department chief Dinesh Bhattarai revealed that the cause of Sherchan’s death was not immediately known. It was speculated, however, that the octogenarian mountaineer may have suffered cardiac arrest, as suggested by a mountaineering official present at the base camp.