Teen Vegetable Seller in Nepal Becomes Internet Celebrity For Her Stunning Good Looks

Last month, the internet fell in love with Pakistani tea-seller Arshad Khan because of his rugged good looks. Now there’s another star who’s emerge on social media.
Kusum Shrestha, a vegetable seller in Nepal, became an overnight sensation after photos of her carrying vegetables surfaced online. Hashtags #Tarkariwali and #Sabjiwali, both of which mean “vegetable seller”, started trending on social media praising Shrestha for her beauty. The photos were taken by photographer RupChandra Maharjan at the Fishling suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan.
The 18-year-old is a student in the district of Chiwan, she was helping her parents during a school break when the photos were taken, according to BBC. Shrestha had no idea of her sudden online fame until her friend told her about it.
“First my friend asked me if I am the same girl whose photos became viral on Facebook. But I didn’t know,” she told BBC.
“Then she sent me the pictures and when I saw them, I found it was me. On that day, I came to sell the vegetables to help my parents. When I was on my way to sell the vegetables, RupChandra (the photographer) took my picture – but at that point of time, I didn’t know that I was being photographed,” she added.
Arshad Khan was immediately offered a modeling contract after he became a star. When asked whether she’d start modeling if given the offer, Shrestha lit up and said she would do it.
Narayan Shrestha, Kusum’s father, told myrepublica.com that his daughter has always been a shy girl of very few words. He said his daughter is currently studying management with dreams of being a nurse.
“She is my only child. I should educate her to the extent possible (sic),” he said. “But I also have to consider my financial situation. I could not admit her into a nursing college though she wanted to study nursing.”
Hopefully, this sudden fame will be Kusum Shrestha’s big break.
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