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Chinese Scientists Added Human Genes in Monkey Brains, And Only Half Survived

A group of Chinese scientists has raised another medical ethics debate after performing an experiment where they put human genes in monkey brains in an effort to gain insight into the complex evolution of human intelligence.

The experiment, which was conducted at the Kunming Institute of Zoology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the help of U.S. researchers at the University of North Carolina, involves inserting a human version of Microcephalin (MCPH1), a gene that is believed to play a role in the development of human brains, into the brains of 11 rhesus monkeys, according to AFP.

Scientists Have No Clue Why Female Monkeys are Having Sex with Deer in Japan

Scientists have come across something peculiar going on between two different animal species on an island in Japan.

Young female Japanese macaques have reportedly been performing inter-species sex with sika deer according to a paper published by scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Canada on December 11. Researchers have observed that the wild monkeys were mounting the deer in Minoo, central Japan. Such monkey-deer interactions have also been reported on Yakushima Island back in January 2017.

Why Netflix’s Upcoming ‘Journey to the West’ Adaptation is Making Chinese Fans Angry

A treasured epic folklore from China is about to get a new adaptation in the form of a miniseries for ABC, TVNZ, and Netflix and it has so far stirred some mixed responses from netizens.

The show, which is a New Zealand-Australian co-production, will be another retelling of “Journey to the West”, a renowned Chinese fable about a 7th-century monk and three fallen gods with mystical powers. The original story, attributed to Ming Dynasty novelist and poet Wu Cheng’en, is considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

Naughty Monkey Hilariously Pulls Man’s Shorts Down to Steal His Banana

A viral video of a naughty monkey pulling a man’s pants down in a mad dash for his banana is making the rounds on social media in Indonesia.

The short footage, which was reportedly shot in Bali’s Ubud Monkey Forest, shows a monkey playfully jumping onto a man from behind with its arms wrapped around the man’s waist to grab a banana, reported Coconuts Bali. The monkey then suddenly swoops down kicking about, taking the poor guy’s shorts to the ground, exposing his buttocks to the amusement of the other zoo visitors.