4-month-old baby dies after being kidnapped and thrown off roof by monkeys in India

4-month-old baby dies after being kidnapped and thrown off roof by monkeys in India
Jane Nam
July 18, 2022
A 4-month-old baby from India was killed after reportedly being kidnapped by a gang of monkeys and thrown from a three-story roof.
A family of three said they were relaxing on the roof of their home in Bareilly, India, on Friday when a group of monkeys, most likely macaques, came onto the roof and started harassing the trio. 
The parents, including 25-year-old father Nirdesh Upadhyay, said they attempted to drive the animals off, but the situation escalated with the monkeys surrounding and taunting them.
The panicked father tried to flee towards the stairs with his newborn son, but the baby slipped through his hands. 
According to the family, one of the monkeys took the baby and then threw him off the roof, leading to his instant death.
The 4-month-old is survived by his parents and one sibling. The family was in the process of preparing for the baby’s naming ceremony when the tragedy occurred. 
The news comes just a month after a troop of monkeys in Tanzania snatched a 1-month-old baby from his mother while being breastfed on June 18. 
Monkey-related deaths are not uncommon in certain places of the world, especially India. For example, in 2018 an Indian man was stoned to death by a group of monkeys who threw over 20 bricks at the man, killing him. 
Police in Japan are currently searching for a monkey accused of attacking 14 people during a 10-day span in Yamaguchi.
Featured Image via Inside Edition
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