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EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents

Infamous child star Lil Tay is back in the spotlight after recent all‌egat‌ion‌s of child ab‌us‌e against her father surfaced.

NextShark exclusively obtained the official statements that reveal details of this alleged a‌bu‌se which involves inapp‌ro‌pri‌ate n‌ud‌ity, locking the child in a dark closet, forcing Lil Tay to watch grue‌som‌e horr‌or‌ movies and n‌eglect‌ing to feed her. We have confirmed that the email we received, along with the official court orders, affidavits, and other documents regarding the detailed accounts of this a‌bu‌s‌e have come directly from Lil Tay’s family and official management team.

Lil Tay’s Instagram Comes Alive, Claims She Was Ordered into Father’s Custody

After going completely silent for four months, the Instagram account of controversial 9-year-old internet celebrity known as Lil Tay has suddenly come alive with numerous posts explaining her sudden disappearance in June.

Someone claiming to be Tay’s former associate has purportedly taken control of the previously inactive Instagram page and now notifying the youngster’s followers that Tay’s mother has lost custody of her.

Lil Tay Reappears on Instagram to Pay Tearful Tribute to X‌X‌XTent‌a‌cion

Following a two-week hiatus from social media, Lil Tay has resurfaced on Instagram to share her thoughts on the tragic d‌ea‌t‌h of co‌ntrove‌r‌sial rapper XX‌XTe‌nta‌cion.

On Monday, the cont‌rove‌rsial 9-year-old posted a touching message and a couple of screenshots of her chats and FaceTime conversation with the 20-year-old rapper.

People are Now Doing the #LilTayChallenge on Twitter

With the recent reports exposing what actually goes behind the videos of nine-year-old social media phenomenon Lil Tay, one would think the people making money off her would simply call it quits out of shame.

But like a tumor that just wouldn’t die, her management team (mom Angela Tian, brother Jason Tian, social media advisors Diomi “I Eat P*ssy” Cordero, and ex-convict, Alex Goller Gelbard) seems to not run out of gimmicky ideas to keep the buzz going for the foul-mouthed youngster.

Ben Baller Threatens Lil Tay’s Dad’s ‘Job at Panda Express’ Over ‘Caillou Lookin Ass Boy’ Comment

Lil Tay, a.k.a. the “youngest flexer of the century,” is back at trolling Ben Yang, but this time she went after his facial features.

Also known as Ben Baller, the 45-year-old Korean-American jeweler and actor has had enough of the 9-year-old “lil turd” after she commented “Cailou lookin ass boy” under an Instagram photo of him and photographer and designer Bobby Kim.

Lil Tay’s Mom Used Her Boss’ Mercedes Without His Permission to Film Daughter

Lil Tay might be throwing dollar bills on Instagram at this moment, but reports suggest things are not going well behind the scenes — especially for her mom.

Last week, Angela Tian — the 9-year-old’s alleged mother and orchestrator behind her persona — was reportedly fired from her job as a real estate agent after her daughter’s videos reached her company, Pacific Evergreen Realty.

Lil Tay Has NOT Been Picked Up by Child Protection Services

Lil Tay — the youngest flexer of the century with questionable parenting — has NOT been picked up by child protection services, contrary to popular belief.

Unsuspecting netizens thought the nine-year-old rapper was taken into government custody on May 4, a day before published a story titled, “Viral Sensation ‘Lil Tay’ Has Been Picked Up by Los Angeles Child Protection Services.”