Lil Tay’s Instagram was hacked, Meta confirms

Lil Tay’s Instagram was hacked, Meta confirms
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Carl Samson
August 16, 2023
After Lil Tay resurfaced to tell fans that she and her brother are still alive, Meta confirmed that her Instagram account had indeed been hacked, according to a report.
What happened: Lil Tay, who rose to fame at age 9 as “the youngest flexer of the century,” shocked millions of her followers last week after an Instagram post announced that she and her brother had passed away. After 24 hours of non-stop headlines, Lil Tay came forward to debunk the hoax and claim that her Instagram account was “compromised by a third party.”
What Meta did: Meta, which owns Instagram, confirmed that Lil Tay’s account was hacked, according to TMZ. The company also helped get the account back, which the young influencer had thanked it for.
Lingering questions: While fans are relieved that Lil Tay is still alive, circumstances surrounding the death hoax remain unknown. Whoever hacked into her Instagram has not been identified. TMZ also reported that it was contacted by someone who claimed to represent Lil Tay to inform about the deaths ahead of the fake Instagram announcement. Finally, why Lil Tay and her family is being targeted years after she disappeared from the internet limelight can only be speculated at this time.
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