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Lana Condor to play combat medic who crashes in N. Korean territory in action thriller ‘Valiant One’

  • Lana Condor will be joining the cast of the new action thriller “Valiant One.”
  • The film’s plot centers around a U.S. helicopter that crashes on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
  • The survivors, all of whom are non-combat U.S. Army soldiers, must protect a civilian asset and get across the DMZ without support.
  • Condor will play Selby, an inexperienced combat medic specialist who enlisted after becoming a U.S. citizen to give back to her new country.
  • “Valiant One” is currently in production with a release date yet to be announced.

Lana Condor joined the cast of the action thriller “Valiant One” on Monday.

“Valiant One” follows the crew of a U.S. military helicopter that crashes in North Korean territory at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), according to Deadline. Amidst high tensions between North and South Korea, the survivors, all of whom are non-combat U.S. Army soldiers, must protect a civilian asset and get across the DMZ without additional support.

‘Everyone’s allowed to love whoever they want’: ‘Boo Bitch’ star Lana Condor addresses her onscreen WMAF relationships

Lana Condor re-enrolls in high school for Netflix’s newly released miniseries “Boo, Bitch.” 

The 8-episode comedy series puts a spooky twist on the world of teenage drama Condor previously explored for her breakout role in the “To All The Boys” franchise. In “Boo, Bitch,” her character Erika Vu wakes up one day to find she’s become a ghost who’s still capable of interacting with the world. Realizing she’d spent most of her life unnoticed, with the help of best friend Gia, she decides to spend the rest of her days as someone her peers will remember — but at what cost? 

Lana Condor stars in trailer for Netflix’s upcoming comedy series ‘Boo Bitch’

boo bitch trailer
  • Netflix has released a new trailer for “Boo Bitch” with “To All the Boys” star Lana Condor taking the lead role.
  • The eight-episode series will premiere on the streaming platform on July 8. 

Lana Condor stars in Netflix’s newly released trailer for the upcoming comedy series “Boo Bitch” from writers Erin Ehrlich (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) and Lauren Iungerich (“Awkward”). 

The “To All the Boys” star plays the role of Erica Vu, a high school senior who has managed to lay low for most of her life until things suddenly take a turn. 

‘She looked like me’: Lana Condor and Brenda Song talk Asian representation in entertainment

Lana Condor and Brenda Song recently joined in conversation while promoting their upcoming projects “Moonshot” and “Dollface” to share their experiences as Asian American women working in Hollywood. 

In a virtual discussion hosted by Character Media, the two actors met for the first time to talk about the importance of representation and bonded over their passion for their work. 

‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Sequel Release Revealed, 3rd Movie in the Works

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The sequel for the hit Netflix movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” has been confirmed for release early next year while the third film in the installment has entered the production stage.

Netflix announced on Thursday that the sequel, now titled “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” is scheduled to hit the streaming service on February 12, according to Deadline.

Awkwafina Reveals Anxiety and Depression After Her Mother Passed in Mental Health Series

Awkwafina and Lana Condor recently opened up about their experiences with anxiety in the first two episodes of a new video series called “Hi Anxiety.” 

The series tackles how common anxiety and hopes to help people find ways to overcome it, according to creators Jessica Pilot and Adam Kaplan. In the episodes featuring the Asian American actresses, both shared their own untold experiences relating to their mental health.