Ross Butler, Lana Condor and VP Kamala Harris discuss importance of getting vaccinated

Ross Butler, Lana Condor and VP Kamala Harris discuss importance of getting vaccinated
Thy Nguyen
July 15, 2021
Ross Butler and Lana Condor sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris to encourage people to get vaccinated.
“Every Shot Matters”: Harris met up with the two stars during a recent trip to Atlanta to discuss the importance of vaccinations, according to Popsugar.
  • “Every shot matters and is another life protected,” wrote Condor in an Instagram caption.
  • Harris referred to the vaccine as power and said that it was important to remind everyone not to let anyone, including misinformation, take that power away.
  • Condor stated that getting the vaccine was important to her because her mom has an autoimmune disease. She wanted the ability to be around her parents without having to worry about spreading the virus.
  • Butler revealed that he tested positive in March last year.
  • “I had COVID, and I’m young and healthy and it sucked,” he said.
Video reactions: Condor and Butler both shared the video on Instagram and received positive reactions from their fanbase.
  • “If Lana tells me to get vaccinated, I’m gonna go and get vaccinated,” commented one user.
  • “Thank you for using your voice and your social media [to spread] awareness and inspire people to get vaccinated,” wrote another Instagram fan to Condor.
  • “Love how they are engaging AAPI celebrities for the message,” a user wrote on Butler’s post.
  • “So sad to hear that Ross had COVID, but happy to know he’s okay and using his voice to support the vaccine,” a fan of Butler’s said.
On Wednesday, Olivia Rodrigo appeared at a White House press briefing to help promote COVID-19 vaccinations to younger people.
Featured Image via Popsugar
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