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African-Chinese Idol Show Contestant Targeted by Racist Attacks Online

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A Chinese-Congolese contestant on China’s idol audition program “Produce Camp 2020” has become the subject of racist attacks online. 

“Produce Camp 2020,” a spin-off of the popular South Korean K-pop reality show “Produce 101,” recently announced its list of contestants, which includes 24-year-old Winnie Zhong Feifei. The program is set to air next month on Tencent Video.

Japanese Pop Idol Begs for Forgiveness After Arrest Over 2 Grams of Marijuana

After getting released from detention due to marijuana use, a Japanese idol apologized to his fans by prostrating himself in front of a local police station.

Junnosuke Taguchi, one of the founding members of Japanese boy band KAT-TUN, was arrested last month along with his live-in girlfriend, former actress Rena Komine, at their Tokyo condominium for violating Japan’s Cannabis Control Law.

J-Pop Idol Reveals Her Managers Forced Her to Apologize After Being Assaulted

NGT48 member Maho Yamaguchi has revealed that her managers forced her to make the on-stage public apology following the idol unit’s latest statement and press conference.

On March 21, the idol group announced the result of an independent third-party investigation into the incident that occurred on December 2018, when Yamaguchi was attacked by two men in her own apartment.

Japanese Idol Forgets to Turn Off Camera After Livestream, Reveals How much She Makes Per Video

Bibian Murakawa, a member of the girl idol group HKT48 based in Fukuoka, Japan, accidentally revealed the amount she earn through her stream after failing to turn off the camera during her most recent streaming session with fans.

The clip, which has now gained more than 508,000 views on Twitter after being shared by Japanese user 48gtosaka, shows Murakawa saying goodbye to her fans as she concludes her most recent stream, according to SoraNews24.

Aspiring K-pop Stars Enroll in ‘Idol School’ For a Shot at Fame

Class is now in session for aspiring K-pop stars in a recently launched South Korean reality television series which provides a unique take on creating the ultimate K-pop girl group.

The show, “Idol School”, gives viewers an interesting behind-the-scenes look on how 41 talented aspirants eventually become part of a new batch of K-pop idols. With a “school” theme, “students” as young as 12 compete for super stardom, showcasing their skills in singing and dancing in their school uniform.