J-Pop Idol Halts Entire Career After Multiple Rape Threats From Obsessed Fan

J-Pop Idol Halts Entire Career After Multiple Rape Threats From Obsessed Fan
Ryan General
October 31, 2016
A Japanese idol’s young career may be cut short after a stalker publicly expressed his desire to rape her.
The increasingly aggressive threats posted online by the obsessed fan have also prompted producers to cancel all upcoming shows of the popular performer who goes by the stage name Magical Girl Riripom. The J-pop star has since been placed in a secure safehouse for her protection, reported RocketNews24.
The sudden announcement was made on the official Riripom website on Oct. 21, with the management issuing an apology to her fans for the show cancellations. Beginning Oct. 22, the singer would no longer be doing any idol-related activities. Riripom’s managers said they have decided to ensure the safety of their talent after the fan continued to post threatening statements on social media despite several warnings.
The fan, who is suspected of using multiple social accounts under a variety of usernames, recently proclaimed, “Going to prison for three years for raping her wouldn’t be so bad.”
After documenting all the threats, the managing team sought the help of local authorities. The police officers recommended that Riripom stop all idol activities while the investigation is underway. The popular celebrity, who is now in a Tokyo safehouse, has avoided social media for the time being. Her managers have stated that they are unsure if she’ll continue being an idol after the issue is addressed, and maintained that the idol’s safety is the top priority.
While her management’s efforts to protect her are commendable, observers point out that information about her such as bust size and other vital statistics are still posted in her public profile. With such a situation that her safety is being threatened, keeping a low profile might be a better idea.
Riripom, who made her musical debut in 2013, is famous for her childlike innocence when performing on TV appearances, music videos and live shows.
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