Japanese Idol Forgets to Turn Off Camera After Livestream, Reveals How much She Makes Per Video

Japanese Idol Forgets to Turn Off Camera After Livestream, Reveals How much She Makes Per Video
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 6, 2018
Bibian Murakawa, a member of the girl idol group HKT48 based in Fukuoka, Japan, accidentally revealed the amount she earn through her stream after failing to turn off the camera during her most recent streaming session with fans.
The clip, which has now gained more than 508,000 views on Twitter after being shared by Japanese user 48gtosaka, shows Murakawa saying goodbye to her fans as she concludes her most recent stream, according to SoraNews24.
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Believing that the camera was already turned off, the idol – at the 37-second mark in the video – transitioned from being cheerful and cute to being just an ordinary person as she turns her stage smile off and relaxes on the sofa behind her back.
Then Murakawa, in a much lower voice than what she typically uses when speaking to her fans, revealed to everyone watching the stream unknowingly: “So all I have to do to get 16,000 yen ($144) is stream a video like that.”
With that information, a woman with a much older-sounding voice, presumably her mother based from the vocabulary she uses, did the math and said that, “If you do 10 a month, it’s the same as your monthly salary.”
Surprised by the amount, Murakawa said that the money she’s receiving is like the same as getting a bonus after doing the math herself.
There have been many supportive comments for the idol after seeing the accidental stream. Here are what some of her fans wrote:
“It’s pretty natural to be happy over earning 16,000 yen. She seems like a good girl with a pure heart.”
“I’m just happy to know that she doesn’t say things like ‘Otaku are so gross’ after the cameras stop recording.”
“It’s not like she was dissing her listeners or anything.”
“If anything, I think more people will like her after this.”
“This is her job, after all. It’s the same as how a salaryman is happy if he gets a raise.”
“Idols are people too.”
Other comments also discovered through a bit of math that she earns about 160,000 yen ($1,440) as an idol per month. This could pretty much explains the excitement she had when she earned 16,000 yen ($144) from her stream, much like a bonus.
However, one reader mentions that Murakawa’s salary is “too low,” but it’s safe to assume that streaming is not the only incentive-based gigs she’s got going on in her career.
Images via Instagram / murakawabibiann
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