K-Pop Girl Group ‘O My Jewel’ to Debut First Ever Caucasian Idol

K-Pop Girl Group ‘O My Jewel’ to Debut First Ever Caucasian Idol
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 20, 2017
Sofia Ramazanova, simply referred to as Sofia in the upcoming K-pop group O My Jewel, is going to be the very first Caucasian female idol ever to debut in a group in South Korea.
Sofia, who is of Russian and Israeli descent, is scheduled to make her debut in the K-pop entertainment industry in October along with her fellow group members in O My Jewel including Kim Yuri, Kim Sanha and Chinese member Wang Junghee, also known as Crystal.
According to her member profile, Sofia was once a member of the group Blity before they made their debut. She was also in various dance groups, but the profile did not drop any specific names.
The group initially only announced three members, but it was later confirmed that Crystal would join O My Jewel as its fourth member, according to OneHallyu.
While their debut isn’t schedule to happen until October, O My Jewel has already performed as a group at various festivals, including earlier this month when they sang “I Swear.”
No official word yet regarding the specific date of O My Jewel’s debut. Follow the group on Facebook and Instagram for more details.
Featured Image via Instagram / sonysonny03
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