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Asian Americans Buy More Guns to Protect Families After Rise in Attacks, Trade Groups Say


In response to the alarming rise in violence against the community, more Asian Americans are reportedly buying guns for the first time, ignoring calls of advocates against firearms.

Police data analyzed by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino showed an increase of 169% in anti-Asian hate crimes in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period last year.

Delta Passenger Gets G‌‌u‌n Past TSA in Atlanta, Flies to Japan


A passenger on Delta Air Lines alerted the airline crew that they were carrying a fi‌r‌ea‌rm after it had passed airport security and was heading to Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

The Transportation Security Administration acknowledged in a statement that security procedures were not followed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on January 2.

Church Founded By South Koreans Reveals Why They Worship Guns and Wear Crowns

Sanctuary Church

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, also known as the Sanctuary Church, made headlines earlier this year when crown-wearing members showed up with AR-15 rifles in a “commitment ceremony.”

Since then, the small church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania has attracted widespread attention, more recently when its current leader Rev. Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon crashed a GOP event to “bless” it.

Taiwan Deports 3D-Printed Gun Publisher Over S‌‌ex‌‌u‌‌al A‌s‌‌sa‌u‌lt‌ of a Child

American gun activist Cody Wilson has been ja‌‌ile‌d over a sexual a‌ss‌au‌lt charge after he was captured by Taiwanese officials and had him deported back to the United States.

Wilson, 30, who is best known for publishing blueprints of 3D-printed guns, reportedly fled to Taiwan earlier this month upon learning that he was under investigation.

Philippine President Wants to Give 42,000 Free Guns to Village Leaders

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has considered giving free guns to 42,000 village leaders, known as barangay captains to reportedly aid them in fighting drugs and crime in their respective territories.

Duterte, who has vowed to end the Philippines’ drugs and crime problem within 3-6 months of his administration, will be marking his second year of administration by the end of June.

Former U.S. Soldier Found Guilty for Contract Killing of Filipino Woman

A New York court has recently found three American men, including one former soldier, guilty of organizing the murder-for-hire killing of a Filipino woman in 2012.

Joseph Hunter, a former sniper instructor for the United States Army, will be facing a possible life sentence along with two other men for conspiring to kidnap and murder a female victim from the Philippines.

Chinese Student To Be Deported From U.S. After ‘Disturbing’ Behavioral Changes

A Chinese student in Orlando was found to have purchased two rifles after he was observed to be exhibiting “disturbing” behavior.

Wenliang Sun, 26, who was enrolled at the University of Central Florida, has been ordered to be deported back to China as investigators have concluded that he poses a threat to himself and to others, reports the Washington Post.

Taiwanese Exchange Student Arrested For Threatening to Shoot Up Local High School

Authorities have arrested an 18-year-old foreign exchange student from Taiwan after reportedly threatening to shoot up his classmates at a local high school in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

An Tso Sun, who is in the United States on a five-year student visa, was allegedly building an arsenal for his alleged planned attack against Bonner Prendergast Catholic High School. 

Korean-Founded Church Members Worship With AR-15 Rifles, Terrify Pennsylvania Community

A church in northeastern Pennsylvania was teeming with AR-15 rifles on Wednesday as it held a commitment ceremony that had crown-wearing members exchange or renew their wedding vows.

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, also known as the Sanctuary Church, prompted police and protesters to watch outside its premises as the religious event went on. All guns were reportedly unloaded.

Conservative Troll Mocks Florida Shooting Victims in Disgusting Tweets

Conservative political commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza apologized on Wednesday after facing backlash from both sides of the aisle for mocking the teen survivors of the Parkland, Florida, shooting on Valentine’s Day.

D’Souza received thousands of replies from enraged Twitter users after he wrote to his 800,000 followers on Tuesday, “Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs.”