Chinese Student To Be Deported From U.S. After ‘Disturbing’ Behavioral Changes

Chinese Student To Be Deported From U.S. After ‘Disturbing’ Behavioral ChangesChinese Student To Be Deported From U.S. After ‘Disturbing’ Behavioral Changes
Ryan General
April 2, 2018
A Chinese student in Orlando was found to have purchased two rifles after he was observed to be exhibiting “disturbing” behavior.
Wenliang Sun, 26, who was enrolled at the University of Central Florida, has been ordered to be deported back to China as investigators have concluded that he poses a threat to himself and to others, reports the Washington Post.
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It should be noted that non-immigrant visa holders are allowed to own firearms as long as they have a hunting license in the United States. But while both of the rifles were purchased by Sun legally, the student still found himself in trouble as police became deeply concerned of  his “distressing changes in behavior.” 
Campus Police Chief Richard Beary noted the sudden, dramatic changes Sun recently underwent including weight gain, dyeing his black hair blond, and his “out of the blue” purchase of a $68,000 Corvette.
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“If you go back to some of the shooting incidents across the country, we know that people often change their appearance. … In my mind, something very bad was going to happen somewhere in central Florida,” Beary told reporters at a news conference Thursday.

“Again, he bought a very expensive, very fast car. Why? Why would you do that? When he picked up the firearms, he didn’t drive that car. Why? He didn’t want people associating him and that car. So I think there was a disaster about to happen, and we stopped it,” he said.
Upon questioning, Sun confessed to owning an assault-style rifle identified as a LWRC 300 Blackout rifle along with ammunition. He divulged that he kept the weapon in a storage facility due to the no-guns policy in his off-campus apartments.

In early February, just after talking with the police, Sun purchased another high-powered rifle: a .308 Ruger Precision rifle which he outfitted with a bipod and scope.
When authorities discovered that Sun had not been attending classes, his legal status in the U.S. was soon put into question as this violates the terms of his visa. His visa violation made his possession of the weapons illegal.
“Despite numerous attempts to try to get ahold of him and explain to him that his status was about to change — he knew the paperwork that he needed to do, he’d been out of the country before — but he wouldn’t return any phone calls,” Beary was quoted as saying.
“Again, another red flag. Something’s going on with this individual.”

On Feb. 7, Sun was arrested by the Homeland Security Investigations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for his visa issues and potential violation of federal firearm laws.
He was ordered by an immigration judge to be deported to China at a hearing on March 21. The ruling also prohibits him from returning to the United States for at least 10 years.
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