12-Year-Old Thai Girl Becomes Pro Gun Assembler For Gun-Loving Dad

12-Year-Old Thai Girl Becomes Pro Gun Assembler For Gun-Loving Dad
King Malleta
February 7, 2017
Guns are dangerous tools when in the hands of people who don’t know how to use them — in particular, children.
Lisa looks like just a normal sixth grader from Chiang Mai, Thailand but she has some serious skills that would put many professionals to shame.
In a video footage highlighted by Coconuts Bangkok, the 12-year-old was seen cleaning and assembling a Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver. The video, both impressive and disturbing, caught the attention of many internet users.
Lisa’s father, Prajak Wasuwat, makes a living by cleaning and assembling guns inside a van that was turned into a mini shop. He said that because he had many guns, he decided to learn how to clean and assemble guns and eventually made a living out of it.
It’s understandable that many are worried at the sight of 12-year-old with a gun in her hands, but the father said that she has been trained since she was nine. The 51-year-old father explained that because he feared Lisa would find his guns and play with them, he taught her the dangers as well as how to clean and fix them.
Prajak would park his van in front of police stations in their town and offer cleaning services. Sometimes, customers would find Lisa busy cleaning and assembling a revolver or perhaps a rifle, shotgun, pistol and other types of guns.
Well, it’s not everyday you stumble upon this kind of young badassery.
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