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Constance Wu is Getting Trolled Hard on Twitter After ‘Fresh of the Boat’ Cancellation

ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” will conclude the series with its current season, with a one-hour finale episode which is set to air on February 21.

The TV series, which follows the story of a Taiwanese American family in the ’90s, is loosely based on a memoir by Eddie Huang called “Fresh Off the Boat.” The series which premiered in 2015, made history by becoming the longest-running broadcast TV sitcom about an Asian American family.

ABC’s President Hasn’t Talked to Constance Wu Since Her Meltdown, But She’s ‘Happy’ She Apologized

ABC’s entertainment president Karey Burke has yet to talk to Constance Wu since her controversial series of tweets in May expressing apparent unhappiness that “Fresh Off The Boat” is getting renewed for another season

Wu, who stars in the hit show as matriarch Jessica Huang, tweeted that she was “so upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. Fuck,” along with several other cryptic tweets.

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Just Got Renewed For Season 5 and We Can’t Contain Ourselves

In early April, Randall Park released a Facebook video making a desperate plea to fans to save “Fresh Off The Boat” from being cancelled by ABC. Park, who plays Louis Huang, the father of Eddie Huang on the show, included a survey conducted by USA Today, which listed 30 TV shows, including “Fresh Off the Boat,” that were in danger of being cancelled.

Although the show was a big hit when it was released in 2015, ratings have significantly dropped recently, losing roughly 13% of it’s audience from the 18 – 49 demographic in the latest season.

‘Roseanne’ Sparks Major Backlash After Belittling ‘Shows About Black and Asian Families’

Bob’s Burger writer Kelvin Yu has accused the latest episode of ABC’s “Roseanne” of being “reductive” and “belittling” after a joke was made about the other programs on the channel featuring POC families.

The scene in question featured the titular character and her husband, Dan Conner, asleep on the couch. Upon waking up, they realized they had fallen asleep from “Wheel to Kimmel,” accidentally snoozing through shows like “Fresh Off The Boat” and “Black-ish”.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Is in Danger of Being Cancelled and We’re Calling the Police

ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat” is reportedly at risk of getting canceled, so lead actor Randall Park is appealing to fans to help save the show.

Park, who plays Louis Huang, patriarch of the show’s Chinese American family, made his appeal via a video included in a poll spearheaded by USA TodayThe publication’s survey listed 30 television shows — “Fresh Off The Boat” included — that are in danger of being canceled.