The Real Reason Why Constance Wu May Have Freaked Out Over the ‘FOTB’ Renewal

The Real Reason Why Constance Wu May Have Freaked Out Over the ‘FOTB’ RenewalThe Real Reason Why Constance Wu May Have Freaked Out Over the ‘FOTB’ Renewal
An emotional drama project is apparently the reason behind Constance Wu’s infamous Twitter rant following the announcement of the season six return of her TV show “Fresh Off the Boat,” the New York Post reports.
Sources privy to the planned project revealed that Wu had been preparing to play a struggling heroin addict.
Wu sparked controversy last week after expressing her frustrations via expletive-ridden tweets.
The 37-year-old actress apologized the next day, explaining that she was “temporarily upset . . . not because I hate the show but [because] its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about.”
Before finding fame on the ABC sitcom, Wu was a struggling actress who once shared that she was so poor that she had accumulated tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Based on chef Eddie Huang’s memoir about growing up in 90’s Florida, “Fresh Off The Boat” gave her a starring role as the stern mother Jessica.
Her big break in cinema came last year with the massively successful film “Crazy Rich Asians.”
It has since been revealed that Wu had been working on the movie “You and Me Both” for years. First announced in 2016, the film is set to begin production after another movie called “Hustlers,” which has already wrapped up filming with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.
In the movie to be helmed by Brooklyn-based writer-director Jennifer Cho Suhr, Wu would be playing an addict who will go on a road trip with her estranged sister from Iowa to Alaska in a bid to find their mother.
While the film’s producers are still committed to making the movie with Wu, they are now unsure when they will move forward with the project.
Another role that Wu has been in talks with is about a woman who becomes pregnant with two babies by two different men. Billed as a romantic comedy, the film will reportedly be co-produced by actress Elizabeth Banks.
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