ABC’s President Hasn’t Talked to Constance Wu Since Her Meltdown, But She’s ‘Happy’ She Apologized

ABC’s President Hasn’t Talked to Constance Wu Since Her Meltdown, But She’s ‘Happy’ She Apologized
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 8, 2019
ABC’s entertainment president Karey Burke has yet to talk to Constance Wu since her controversial series of tweets in May expressing apparent unhappiness that “Fresh Off The Boat” is getting renewed for another season
Wu, who stars in the hit show as matriarch Jessica Huang, tweeted that she was “so upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. Fuck,” along with several other cryptic tweets.
In a press statement on Monday, Burke said that while she was “happy that [Wu] apologized,” noting that she has “had no further conversations with Constance,” the Wrap reports.
According to the TV executive, she is set to see the actress at the show’s table read when it begins production with its new season this week.
Burke further shared that the sitcom’s producers have “made it clear very early on that everyone took Constance at her word that she was apologetic for what she had said.”
“I have heard nothing about anything other than enthusiasm for everyone to get back to work,” Burke was quoted as saying.
Back in May, a day after her tweets caused immediate controversy online, Wu clarified her message with a lengthy post.
“I was temporarily upset yesterday not [because] I hate the show but [because] its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about,” explained Wu. “So my dismayed social media replies were more about that other project and not about FOTB.”  
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She further clarified that her posts should not be misinterpreted to mean she doesn’t love and enjoy starring in the hugely popular series. 
“I do love and enjoy it. I hope you believe me,” she added. “People can hold conflicting feelings in their hearts — that conflict is a part of being human. So I can both love the show/cast/crew but at the same to be disappointed that I lost that other unrelated job.”
“Fresh Off the Boat,” which she co-stars with Randall Park, was instrumental in boosting Wu’s acting career when it launched in 2015. The show’s highly anticipated sixth season is set to air on September 27. 
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