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Exclusive: Saint Paul Public Schools district investigating violent student brawl caught in viral videos

Washington Technology Magnet School
  • The Saint Paul Public Schools district is investigating videos that appear to show Washington Technology Magnet School students of Asian descent engaging in brawls following walkouts to protest in-person learning amid the spread of COVID-19.
  • It is unclear if the fights are racially motivated. An investigation into these allegations are ongoing.
  • The school said it is now working with the Saint Paul Public Schools Security and Emergency Management Team and the Saint Paul Police Department to determine consequences for students involved.

WARNING: The video in this article contains violent imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Officials at the Saint Paul Public Schools district are investigating videos that appear to show students of Asian descent from Washington Technology Magnet School engaging in brawls against another group of minors.

Street Fight Over Parking Spot Ends With Car Crashing Into Just-Opened Asian Bakery in Queens

Queens fight

A four-man brawl over a parking spot in Queens, New York escalated with one of the men trying to run over one of the attackers with his car, which eventually plunged into a newly opened bakery.

What happened: Four men got into a heated argument over a parking spot on Kissena Boulevard near Flushing’s Main Street at around 5 p.m. on Monday, according to Gothamist.

Amateur Kickboxer Kn‌o‌cks Out Tai Chi Master in 5 Seconds with Single Pu‌n‌ch

An amateur kickboxer kn‌oc‌ks out his opponent, a practitioner of traditional martial arts tai chi, in a matter of a few seconds after the match begins in what may be considered as one of the fastest k‌nock‌out‌s in kickboxing.

The fight took place earlier this month and was organized by the Shanghai-based Shengshi Yinghao Club in Suzhou, eastern China, according to South China Morning Post.

Foreigner Tries to Break Up Fi‌g‌h‌t Inside Chinese Subway While Everyone Watches

A foreign man was recently captured on video trying to break up a f‌ig‌h‌t inside a subway station in China while passersby stood and watched the men tussled.

The incident happened last Wednesday, Oct. 10 on a Line 9 train at the Xujiahui Station of the Shanghai Metro, according to Shanghaiist. Two men can be seen exchanging blows to the face while inside a docked train at the subway station.