Drivers Engage in ‘Action-Packed’ Fistfight During Traffic Jam in Hong Kong

Drivers Engage in ‘Action-Packed’ Fistfight During Traffic Jam in Hong Kong
Ryan General
April 23, 2018
Two drivers in Hong Kong squared off in an impromptu fistfight in the middle of a busy highway after cutting each other off on Saturday.
Dashcam footage of the action-packed squabble emerged online showing the driver of a truck exiting his vehicle along Kwun Tong Bypass near Ngau Tau Kok to confront the driver of a Mercedes-Benz, reports South China Morning Post.
The footage showed the luxury car changing from the middle lane to the right lane, cutting in front of the truck. The truck returned the “gesture” as the Mercedes-Benz got back into the middle lane, causing a minor collision between the two vehicles. 
A bare-chested man quickly emerged from the truck to rush towards the Mercedes-Benz, prompting its driver, a gray-haired man, to also exit his car. 
Vehicles passed by as the two men engaged in a brief scuffle, which lasted a little over a minute. The two men exchanged blows until a police officer arrived to intervene. 
While the car with the dashcam drove away before the conflict resolution was observed, the incident is reportedly still under investigation.
Featured Image via YouTube / Gary Fisher
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