Two Adult Children Get Into a Brutal Fight on Flight From Tokyo, Brave Stewardess Steps In

Two Adult Children Get Into a Brutal Fight on Flight From Tokyo, Brave Stewardess Steps In

May 2, 2017
Two white male passengers aboard an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to Los Angeles got into a brutal fight while an Asian flight attendant helplessly tried to pull them apart.
The incident, which occurred on Monday night, was filmed by Corey Hour, another passenger, who praised the airline staff for their handling of the situation.
Hour’s footage showed the moment the fight started but not the events leading up to it.
As seen in the minute-long video, a man in a red Hawaiian shirt darts from his seat to punch another man in a black shirt behind his row. The latter loses his cap and headphones while fighting. A child is heard crying in the background.
Hour told CNN:
“No one provoked him [man in red] — he was cool up until a few minutes before he started hitting the guy. He started verbally abusing and intimidating people. Nothing triggered him, it just happened.”
During the brawl, the man in black yelled “Someone help! This guy is crazy!”
Airline employees immediately came to break up the commotion. After the initial brawl, the man in red, speculated to be drunk, walked away but returned shortly to hit the other guy again.
At this point, Hour stopped filming and confronted the irate man:
“I was the one who stepped in. He backed down, I squared up with him and he wouldn’t confront me.”
Because of the incident, the flight was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes. ANA apologized to passengers in a statement, informing them that the troubled passenger was detained.
Interestingly, Japan Today reported later that a 44-year-old American male passenger was charged with assault for choking a male ANA employee. It is unconfirmed whether this is related to the earlier incident.
Check out Hour’s clip below:
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