McDonald’s Employee Beats Customer Who Threw a Milkshake at Her

McDonald’s Employee Beats Customer Who Threw a Milkshake at Her
Bryan Ke
July 27, 2018
A viral video taken at a McDonald’s branch in Las Vegas, Nevada shows a customer getting beaten up by an employee for allegedly trying to score a free soda.
The incident started off as a verbal dispute between 24-year-old employee Erika Chavolla and 24-year-old customer Sabrinah Fontelar, who threw a cup of what appears to be a milkshake at Chavolla, according to Daily Mail.
Fontelar immediately smacks Chavolla’s head with a food tray as the employee walks towards her.
A brawl ensued between the two women, with Chavolla delivering most of the heavy blows.
According to Marie Dayag, the woman who recorded the fight and posted it on YouTube on Wednesday, Fontelar was allegedly trying to fill a water cup with free soda.
“So this happened at McDonald’s… the lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda,” Dayag wrote in the video’s description.
The two continued to fight even as Fontelar’s top kept falling off.
Another employee tried to intervene and pull the customer away from her colleague, but she got caught in the fight after Fontelar elbowed her in the face, forcing her to retaliate.
What you say about my momma b*tch?” the angry Chavolla can be heard yelling. “My momma ain’t dead, you respect my momma.”
Speaking with Dayag through Facebook Live, Chavolla revealed that she kept her job at the McDonald’s branch following the incident.
That s**t was crazy, it went everywhere,” Chavolla told Dayag during the live video, referencing how the clip went viral, adding that she also received negative comments about her body.
“I seen all the mean stuff they posting,” the McDonald’s employee said.
Meanwhile, Fontelar claimed on her social media account that she was cited and will be appearing in court.
Images via Instagram / bxbyness
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