Korean American Restaurant Owner Allegedly Hits Black Employee Over $8 Refund

Korean American Restaurant Owner Allegedly Hits Black Employee Over $8 RefundKorean American Restaurant Owner Allegedly Hits Black Employee Over $8 Refund
A Korean restaurant owner who allegedly “hit” a black female employee for giving a customer refund has sparked furor on social media.
The incident at Doo’s Seafood in Snellville, Georgia, occurred on May 18 after customer Markus Moultrie received an incorrect order and was issued a refund of $8.47.
Moultrie, who shared a video of the incident on Facebook, claimed that the restaurant owner — identified as Mr. Lee — “hit” his employee after his wife demanded that the employee pay for Moultrie’s meal.
According to Moultrie, Mrs. Lee actually made the error and even got furious at him.
“The crazy shit that happened on my lunch an Asian man hit his black employee becuz his wife was mad at me because she had to give me a refund for $8.47. She told her employee she had to pay for my meal.
“I told her that’s nonsense if you the one who f**ked up my order then you need to pay for it not ya employee. S*** popped off…”
While the assault was not captured on camera, other customers confirmed that Mr. Lee “hit” the employee.
However, restaurant surveillance footage shared by CBS46 reveals a different side of the story, showing that the employee was never “hit” in the first place.
Speaking to the outlet, the employee, identified as Junea Turner, recalled:
“He pushed me and I went backwards like this, and I had to grab the other employees so I didn’t fall down, and then he grabbed me by my shirt, basically like this, and then he grabbed my shirt and my breast at the same time, trying to sling me out that side door.”
Police arriving at the scene determined that the physical contact was not forceful enough to get Mr. Lee arrested. Still, Turner has the option to go to court to get a warrant herself. An incident report was not filed.
The video has raked around 408,000 views to date, with many calling for a boycott.
It has yet to be determined if Turner will be pressing charges.
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