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Malaysian Comedian Teams Up With BBC Fried Rice Chef in New YouTube Video

fried rice

Uncle Roger — a character created by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng — has joined forces with Hersha Patel, also known online as the “egg fried rice lady,” in a YouTube collaboration.

What is the video about: The video, which premiered on the 29-year-old comedian’s channel on August 9, shows Uncle Roger giving Patel another chance to properly cook rice and egg fried rice, Huffington Post reported.

‘MasterChef Australia’ Judge Blasts Racist Man Who Called Fellow Asian Judge a ‘Gook’


A Scottish chef judge in “MasterChef Australia: Back to Win” called out a viewer on Instagram for sending him a private message that referred to his fellow judge Melissa Leong as a “gook.”

What happened: Chef Jock Zonfrillo condemned viewer Graham Jones for not seeing “past the colour of someone’s skin” and urged him to “be a better human” after Jones sent him a private message criticizing the show on June 24.

Meet the Chef Using Food to Change the Way People See Asians

jenny dorsey

“I feel like I was put here to do this. When I cook, I feel something.”

That’s something Jenny Dorsey told me about 30 minutes into our 40 minute interview over the phone. It’s hard to pick quotes from her because she gives you so many to pull. I struggle to keep up at times; it took hours to narrow down something resembling a transcript, and now it takes longer for me to choose what to select. Nothing she tells me can be left out of this article with ease.

Science Explains Why Asian Food Tastes So Different from Western Food

As cuisine is influenced by the cooking practices and traditions of a specific culture, Asian foods and Western foods have naturally evolved distinctly different in many ways.

Asian cuisine is known for the range and sheer variety of flavors. In the continent’s varied regions, common ingredients such as seafood, rice, garlic, sesame seeds, onions, soy, and chilies are cooked in varied methods such as stir frying, steaming, and deep-frying, depending on the culture’s preference.