Woman Fractures Her Back Because of Her Husband’s ‘Amazing Cooking’

Woman Fractures Her Back Because of Her Husband’s ‘Amazing Cooking’Woman Fractures Her Back Because of Her Husband’s ‘Amazing Cooking’
Ryan General
March 13, 2019
A Chinese woman blames her husband’s “amazing cooking” for gaining weight and eventually fracturing her back.
The unnamed wife from Heilongjiang was recently admitted into a hospital after suffering from a slipped disk in her lower back.
The woman, who is in her 20s, is currently receiving treatment for her back, according to a report posted on Pear Video. As part of the woman’s treatment, her doctors have placed her on a waist guard.
In an interview with the local press, the woman said that her husband is to blame for her injury.
“My husband’s cooking is very good, and he only cooked meat dishes (for the last two years),” the woman said.
“I was about 60 to 65 kilograms (132 to 143 lbs) before we got married, but now I’m 100 kilograms (220 lbs) … I gained nearly 40 kilograms (88 lbs) in two years,” she added.
The woman said that it was eventually difficult for her to walk since it became painful for her legs due to her weight gain, as well as due to sitting for a long period at work.
“I couldn’t straighten my back anymore… I needed to squat and rest every three or five steps I took,” she explained.
The woman claimed that she had been trying to lose weight but her husband kept distracting her with his delicious meals. “Every time I told my husband I should lose weight, he cooked more good food for me,” the poor woman lamented.
Feature image via Pear Video
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