65-year-old Japanese program sets record as the world’s longest-running cooking show

65-year-old Japanese program sets record as the world’s longest-running cooking show
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Bryan Ke
October 10, 2023
A program from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, also known as NHK, has been recognized as the longest-running cooking show in the world at 65 years.
Award presentation: Guinness World Records awarded the show the certificate at a ceremony held in Tokyo on Friday, recognizing “Kyou no Ryouri,” or “Today’s Cooking,” as the longest-running culinary program in the world, according to NHK.
“’What should I cook for dinner tonight?’ is, I think, the perpetual question for everyone,” chief producer Mayumi Yanai said at the Friday ceremony, adding that the public broadcasting program aims to “answer that question sincerely and align itself closely to our family audience.”
1957年の放送開始から65年!#きょうの料理 が、
として #ギネス世界記録 に認定されました。
これからも人と時代に寄りそった料理番組を目指します! pic.twitter.com/REtGngEcVL
— NHKきょうの料理公式 (@nhk_ryouri) October 10, 2023

About the show: First aired on Nov. 4, 1957, “Kyou no Ryouri” has reportedly featured over 46,600 recipes so far during its 65 years of broadcasting.
Evolving with time: “Kyou no Ryouri” has seen itself reflecting the changes of time throughout its long history, such Japan’s shrinking population and family size. In response, the show reduced its serving size from a five-person family down to four in 1965, and later to two.
The costs for the dishes featured in the program have also changed, including at one point during the 1970s oil crisis when “Kyo no Ryori”  set the budget for a four-person dish at 500 yen (approximately $3).
NHK also came up with quick dishes to prepare when women started entering the workforce in the 1980s.
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