Grandma Goes Viral for Making Super Wholesome TikTok Cooking Videos

Grandma Goes Viral for Making Super Wholesome TikTok Cooking Videos
Bryan Ke
July 28, 2020
One grandma has gone viral for her simple yet super wholesome cooking videos on TikTok.
Lynn Davis, also known online as Lynja or her handle name “Cooking with Lynja,” has more than 607,000 followers on TikTok and amassed over 5.7 million likes on the video-sharing platform, according to Mashable.
The steps and recipes shown in the short clips are made to be easy to follow.
The videos, produced and edited by her son Tim, feature humorous takes on the latest trends, including referring to the hot dog in her “Dirty Water Dawg” video as “glizzy.”
Lynn and Tim originally planned to create 30 videos in 30 days, but things took off quickly.
“Once we finished the 30 days straight, we then started to make Cooking With Lynja videos more seriously,” Lynja told Vice.
The elderly TikTok star thinks that her age might have helped her gain fame on the platform.
“I believe the videos became popular because I am an older person on an app where a large part of the audience is much younger than me,” she said. “I think people are surprised by the dichotomy of someone my age using pop culture references.”
Viewers are now referring to her as “grandma” and she made a video about the support she’s been receiving.
“I LOVE being referred to as a grandmother as I am a grandmother in real life,” she said. “I’m honored when people ask me if I can be their grandmother.”
Although Lynja is more active and popular on TikTok, she also posts on her YouTube channel.
Feature Image Screenshot via Lynja
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