Indian netizens disapprove of Gordon Ramsay’s butter chicken video

Indian netizens disapprove of Gordon Ramsay’s butter chicken video
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Ines Shin
February 21, 2023
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is receiving backlash after sharing a short video of his butter chicken recipe, with many Indian commenters calling his dish bland and lacking. 
The video, posted on Friday to Ramsay’s Instagram account, @gordongram, shows onions and green chilies being sauteed before marinated chicken and spices are added. He serves the dish in a bowl with rice and tops it off with chopped coriander. 
“Tag someone who loves butter chicken curry ! Learn how it’s made on the @gordonramsayacademy evening Butter chicken class, or half-day Taste of India,” read the video’s description. 
Ramsay’s video has received over 2.5 million views since it was posted on Friday
“Make it more spicy looks bland,” one user commented. 
Another person gave Ramsay step-by-step instructions on how to improve his dish: 

Gordon the thing you made is not at all butter chicken … First, for gravy, we cook onions, tomatoes, some Indian spices and cashews, chilies etc. We cook it for a couple of minutes and make a fine paste out of it, then we fry the marinated chicken. For marination, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, dried fenugreek, some oil and some more spice if needed and curd. After frying the chicken, you add it to the gravy and finally top it with butter. There are many more ingredients that I haven’t included. Thank you.

Some commenters defended Ramsay’s take on this dish. 
“Fellow Indians complaining about this not being butter chicken, please don’t forget that we also take the liberty to make modifications to various international cuisines,” commented one user.
Other commenters made references to Uncle Roger, the comedic persona of Nigel Ng who has made multiple videos criticizing Ramsay’s Asian cooking.
“Haiyaa, where your rice cooker?” wrote one commenter, in reference to Uncle Roger’s signature catchphrase.
“Someone call uncle Roger,” wrote another.
The renowned British chef is famous for being merciless and vulgar in his criticisms of others’ cooking on shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares.”
He also makes reaction videos to netizens’ recipes online, often expressing disgust towards their cooking. However, this time, Ramsay found himself at the receiving end of the criticism.
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