Chinese YouTuber Makes Epic Lunches Using Random Office Supplies

Chinese YouTuber Makes Epic Lunches Using Random Office SuppliesChinese YouTuber Makes Epic Lunches Using Random Office Supplies
A crafty Chinese female vlogger has taken the term “desk lunch” to a whole new level with her unconventional meal preparations that involve improvised tools.
Known on Chinese social media as “Little Ye in the Office”, the YouTuber showcases her impressive skills in making makeshift cooking tools from apparently anything she can lay her hands on in the office, according to the South China Morning Post
In one of her videos, she uses an iron to cook bacon, while in another, she turned an empty Pepsi can into a mini hotpot stove. She also once used parts from her PC to fry a pancake. And yes, she does all her insane cooking at her own office desk.
This adorable fire hazard of an employee seemed to exist in her own universe, at least when the lunch time comes.
She can be seen turning her workspace into a functional mini-kitchen where she chops, mixes ingredients, cooks and eats without any care given to her officemates around her.
It’s funny how her gimmick doesn’t seem to earn her a memo as we’re pretty sure she has broken several policies from their company handbook. Also, seeing everybody else being busy doing their thing adds to the hilarity of the situation.
Little Ye’s creative skits, which now spans a total of nine videos, have so far earned her more than 450,000 fans in less than two months on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo and over 18,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel in just a month.
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