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Bizarre Japanese Ad About Not Needing an ‘Age of Women’ Makes Netizens Uncomfortable

Japanese women

An ad campaign conveying a confusing message about rejecting the “Age of Women” has sparked debate and controversy in Japan.

Released by jointly-owned Japanese department store chains Seibu and Sogo just before New Year’s day, the ad features actress Sakura Ando being determined and hopeful about the future.

According to Soranews24, the video starts off with the actress asking: “We don’t need an Age of Women, do we?”

Japanese Company Creates Epic, Hand-Drawn Anime Commercial to Get Popular – And It Worked

A not-so well-known Japanese company recently posted an anime commercial in the hopes to attract much attention from the public.

Kyoei Forging Works, a company based in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, Japan that makes engine parts, agricultural equipment parts, and conveyor belts, made the anime commercial post on YouTube where it shows a transforming robot – commonly referred to as a mecha – fighting off villainous ships, according to SoraNews24.

Egg Company Hires Japan’s Greatest Rock Legend Yoshiki For Adorable Commercial

A new series of Japanese television ads for egg company Akita shows rock legend Yoshiki Hayashi – or simply known and referred to as just Yoshiki – of heavy metal band X Japan, tucking in a freakishly adorable cat mascot with scrambled eggs.

It starts off pretty much ordinarily with Yoshiki cooking a scrambled egg meal on a frying pan with a voice over from the cute cat mascot Kiyonya – who is, by the way, made up of ketchup rice – in the background, according to SoraNews24.

Touching Thai Commercial Reminds People to Always Tell Their Loved Ones They Love Them

A touching Thailand television ad has resurfaced after years of making people cry and confess their love to their significant others.

The 11-minute ad, titled “The Only One,” was first posted online in 2016 by The 1 Card in honor of its 10th anniversary. It tells the story of a simple couple and the journey of a woman handling the loss of her boyfriend.