If You Haven’t Seen the “Looong Looong Maaan” Japanese Gum Commercials, You’re Missing Out

If You Haven’t Seen the “Looong Looong Maaan” Japanese Gum Commercials, You’re Missing Out
Ryan General
May 8, 2018
Much like the overall bizarreness commonly found in Japanese pop culture, many TV commercials in Japan are known to be chock-full of weirdness.
Local advertisers use the inexplicably odd to catch viewers’ attention similarly how ad agencies in the West use “sex” to sell a product.
These ads, which are made to surprise, shock, laugh out loud, cringe and confuse the audience, can oftentimes be a complete assault to the senses. But in a good way.
One noteworthy example of the Japanese brilliance in advertising is the 11-part mini-series of commercials for Sakeru Gum which occasionally go viral online.
The ads carry an engaging narrative about a woman named Chi, her boyfriend Tooru, and the “Long Long Man”– an enigmatic character who loves to chew on very long gum in public.
Complete with a sexy background music reminiscent of “Careless Whisper,” each episode takes multiple twists and turns as the story progresses.
In the first ad, we are introduced to Chi and Tooru-san who were both at a park enjoying their short pieces of gum when a mysterious stranger suddenly appears. Chi’s attention was immediately captured by the Loooong, Loooooong, Maaaaaaaaaan.
The succeeding episodes will take the viewer on a special journey of love, betrayal, and redemption like a typical TV drama but mixed with unexpected scenes that would make you go “WTF, did I just watch?”
Check out the video below which compiled all 11 ads for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
Feature image via YouTube/Violet Sumire
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