KFC Made the Most Patriotic Commercial Celebrating China’s Success

KFC Made the Most Patriotic Commercial Celebrating China’s Success
Carl Samson
September 27, 2018
KFC released a new ad highlighting China’s economic success in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday.
The ad, revisiting notable accomplishments since Deng Xiaoping’s gaige kaifang or “reform and opening-up” policy, features singer Lu Han and actor Huang Bo kicking off their “journey” aboard a high-speed train.
The video begins with the pair meeting by chance in the cabin.
Lu asks Huang, “Are you also going to Beijing?”
Lu Han
“You’ll see,” Huang replies.
Huang Bo
The train passes through a time-warping tunnel that opens to a montage transporting the two 40 years before.
Huang then tells Lu that they are in the “era of my youth.”
Lu, who was born in 1990, surveys the place with wonder.
Then, out of the blue, Huang shows up in punk style and grooves with a crew to retro music.
The video goes on to showcase a montage of China’s economic advancement, from vintage cars, furniture and appliances to the communications, electronics and transportation technology the country is known for today.
But of course, the ad finishes with Kentucky Fried Chicken, the first Western fast food company to arrive in China before the 90s.
The Mid-Autumn Festival promo also came with a series of graphics showing KFC’s patriotic tribute to China.
Check them out:
Images via Sohu
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