Netizens Accuse Thai Yogurt Company of ‘Body-Shaming’ in Latest Commercial

Netizens Accuse Thai Yogurt Company of ‘Body-Shaming’ in Latest Commercial
Bryan Ke
October 1, 2018
Dutch Mill Myanmar has come under fire for “body-shaming” in its latest ad showing a man who looks shocked and disgusted after seeing a woman with a protruding belly.
The 30-second commercial by the dairy producer was first posted online by Dutch Mill Myanmar last August.
It shows a man and a woman flirting with each other inside what appears to be a cafe.
She then throws her scarf towards the man, hoping that he would pick it up and bring it to her.
However, her plan backfires after the man, with a grim look on his face, sees the woman’s protruding belly under the table.
The man immediately gets back up on his feet and decides not to return the scarf. He then accidentally bumps into a woman who just happens to walk into the store.
The woman, who can be seen eating the brand’s yogurt, has a flat belly.
The two then flirt and glance at each other as they both consume Dutch Mill products in the doorway of the coffee shop.
Some netizens expressed their disgust on social media. However, all the comments pointing out the negative message of the commercial were taken down, according to Coconuts Yangon.
Objectifying women as a thing to please man and what mans desire. This commercial portray women as a subservient, men pleasing dolls,” one user wrote in a now-deleted comment.
This is unacceptable. Is nobody from Dutchmill thinking right?” another said.
The hell did I watch! This is body shaming,” another user wrote.
As a response to the controversy, the company wrote in a statement: “Dutch Mill yogurt improves your digestive system and regulates your body from gaining additional fat…Don’t forget to drink Dutch Mill if you want to be beautiful and healthy.”
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