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Who’s that Pokémon? It’s… a Mini Cooper?

  • Pokémon and Mini Cooper unveiled a Pokémon-inspired car during the Opening Night Live event at the Gamescon video game trade fair on Tuesday.
  • The Mini Concept Aceman car has a digital dashboard with Pikachu on it, electric bolt animations that light up when the car starts and a “Mini x Pokémon” display that illuminates when the doors open.
  • Head of Mini design Oliver Heilmer said consoles could be connected to the car to play games as well.

Mini Cooper’s new concept car, an electric Pokémon-model hatchback, was unveiled during the Gamescom video game trade fair on Tuesday. 

The special Pikachu-inspired Mini Concept Aceman car comes with a digital dashboard that features the beloved yellow mouse. When the car starts, animated electric bolts light up the dashboard. The visuals spill off of the main display and onto the textile surface of the dashboard and doors via the concept cabin’s “moving image projections.” Animated pixelated lights are also on the front lights on the bumper. Meanwhile, puddle light projectors shine Mini x Pokemon iconography onto the ground around the car. 

Fresno Mother Whose Daughter Was Killed By Street Racer Pushes for Stricter Laws


The mother of one of the victims who died in a street racing incident in Fresno last month is urging local officials to ensure California street racing laws are enforced.

Full force of the law: Dana Xiong, mother of 17-year-old victim Allison Chang, shared a petition on detailing how the loss of life could have been avoided if officers enforced stricter penalties against offenders.

‘Bad Asian Drivers’ are Literally the Best Drivers According to Insurance Companies

Put the stereotype of “bad Asian drivers” to rest — it’s simply untrue.

Sure, you may have seen one or two going haywire on the road, but Asian drivers generally happen to be good because they abide by the california state car seat law, with or without knowledge. In fact, they are better behind the steering wheel than other races, taking actuarial data into account.

Dash-Cam Catches Mechanics Mocking Chinese Student’s Name in Canada

Two technicians from a car maintenance shop in Canada were recently fired from their jobs after being caught on dash-cam footage mocking a Chinese customer’s name.  

Shuai Yue, an international student from China, brought his car to Fountain Tire at 960 Pembina Highway on Friday for a seasonal tire swap and an oil change. He was shocked to find later in the dash-cam recordings that the technicians made fun of his name and his culture during the routine road test.

Man in China Thought His Car Was Stolen, Turns Out the Wind Blew it Away

A Chinese man was baffled to discover that his car, which he believed to be stolen, had been blown away by a gust of wind.

The man, identified only by his surname Huang, reportedly spent about 20 minutes inside a grocery store in Qingdao, Shandong Province last Friday morning, reports ShanghaiistWhen he went to the spot where he parked his vehicle, he was shocked to discover that it had vanished.