Videos of Teslas malfunctioning in below-freezing temperatures go viral

Videos of Teslas malfunctioning in below-freezing temperatures go viral
via Rachel Modestino, Domenick Nati
Chandler Treon
December 27, 2022
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Multiple stories of Tesla vehicles experiencing major malfunctions in freezing temperatures during the holidays have gone viral.
In a video uploaded to Twitter on Dec. 23, Canadian meteorologist Rachel Modestino demonstrates her inability to open her vehicle’s driver-side door as the latch, which must be popped out of the door to use, had frozen shut.
Her video has garnered over 4.2 million views and 40,800 likes.
“@elonmusk bet ya didn’t think of ice in the Tesla design,” Modestino wrote in her tweet.
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Modestino’s video proved to be polarizing, with some Twitter users agreeing with her assessment of the vehicle while others reacted defensively and insulted her intelligence.
“There’s these things called garages,” one user wrote.
“A smart person in such weather starts his care remotely and allows it to defrost for 20-30 minutes before getting in, or he gets a pitcher of hot water from his home and douses the entry door before getting in,” wrote another.
“Handles not the only problem right? Window not sliding down when frosted means I couldn’t close the door,” one user shared. “I think you’re right Rachel, it’s a design error. They’re fixing it with work-around s, but it starts with the error. I too love the car, but agree with your remark.”
Modestino was eventually able to enter her car through the use of a companion app.
A TikTok video uploaded on Dec. 25 shows another Tesla owner’s frustrations after his vehicle refuses to charge in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve.
“Tesla S will not charge in the cold,” TikTok user Domenick Nati wrote in the video’s description. “Stranded on Christmas Eve!”
In the video, Nati shows his dashboard, which lists the temperature outside as 19 degrees Fahrenheit and shows 19 miles remaining before his battery dies.
Nati describes trying multiple different methods to charge his battery, but to no avail.
After plugging his car into a charging station, the vehicle’s screen reads “Battery is heating – Keep charge cable inserted.” After two hours, the message remains and his vehicle still reads 19 miles remaining.
Nati’s video has since garnered over 1 million views and 59,000 likes.
Commenters criticized the vehicle for its malfunction, with some expressing their skepticism of electric vehicles in general.
“I know what’s wrong wit [sic] it,” one user commented. “Ain’t got no gas in it.”
“Thanks for convincing me to never buy a Tesla,” another wrote.
“I live the idea of some EVs but the technology is not advanced enough to be forced on people,” commented another.
In an update video, Nati says Tesla was able to tow his vehicle and provide him with a Tesla Model 3 while his is being serviced.
“I have received several calls today from @Tesla Motors,” he wrote in the video’s description. “They have been very accommodating so far, and are towing my car 2 hours away to Richmond to the service center at their own expense.”

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